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Do you believe in The Golden Rule?

Updated on March 26, 2012

I’m not a Christian. But I have been practicing the Golden Rule of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” all my life.

It finally dawned on me that oftentimes what you want is not what others want. Therefore they would not appreciate what you do to them. And they might even do to you what you have never imagined.

You ask why so bitter. Well here’s the story.

Years ago the organization I worked for had several job openings. I heard this gal who was my high school and college classmate was unemployed at the time so I referred her and she got the job. Long story short, we got in touch again a couple years ago. She told me she had a blog and I was welcome to read it and so I did. O M G! There was one article about yours truly! In the opening paragraph she wrote that she appreciated I got her a job that lasted her life time. However, the rest of the article was a detailed biography of me, starting from high school, moving on to college and, what hurt me most, then on to my parents!. Worst of all, she uploaded several photos so the whole world could identify me. As I read the article, it was like she kept on stabbing my heart. I cried on and off for weeks. To this day I still can't believe anyone with a thread of decency would label airing someoneelse's linen in public as "appreciation".

Fast forward to the present. Ever since I was unemployed I have been in contact with one of my ex-colleagues. If I hear there’s a job fair or something I would drag her along, etc. About 3 weeks ago I received an email from Allstate Insurance Company notifying me job openings. I logged on to their job website and looked around but didn’t find any opening that I would be qualified for. However, I still emailed my ex-colleague about it. Guess what, when she looked she found MY OLD JOB was open for hire. She went ahead applied, got interviewed and got hired! It was only because I emailed her about opportunities at Chicago Career Tech that she replied "yeah that sounded good but I already got a job".

Yes I finally learned my lesson.


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