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Do you know enough to look for IT jobs in Hyderabad?

Updated on May 7, 2015

Discover Hyderabad for IT Jobs


IT Scenario in Hyderabad

Information Technology has been one of the major contributors to the employment generation in Hyderabad. Besides Delhi and Bangalore, Hyderabad is one of the major hot spots for those, who have looking forward to be placed in an IT company. The city has it all, from tech startups to leading global IT giants. All you need to do is to qualify for them and apply for the positions that match your skill set.

Almost a decade back, IT came about as another major thing that one can relate well with Hyderabad besides Char Minar and the cultural heritage of the city. It was introduced to the residents as a boon that could help them predict better jobs and more opportunities after they completed bachelor's degree in computer applications or engineering. The city houses more than 1300 IT/ITeS firms that include both software and hardware companies. Not just the Indian players, but also the global giants like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, Dell, and many others. Over the years, Hyderabad has turned out to be the global centre of information technology, as a result of which the city has earned the title of 'Cyberabad'. Witnessing the IT revolution in the city, it has even been blessed with a township called 'Hitec City', which is a township developed to house global IT giants. This township has been developed to ensure better and advanced infrastructure and even prompted global players to bring their facilities to Hyderabad.

The other leading IT players with operations in this Indian city are Samsung, Agilent, Automatic Data Processing, Oracle Corporation, Texas Instruments, Hewlett-Packard, Virtusa, and the list goes on. The presence of these leading players ensure better opportunities for IT jobs in Hyderabad. Asa result of this, this Indian city has turned out to be a hot spot for job seekers in the IT sector.

Different job roles in IT (Hyderabad)


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Varied Job Roles for IT Professionals in Hyderabad

Software Engineer

These professionals are involved in designing and programming software, database systems, operating systems, embedded systems, and other technological systems. They work in coordination with the clients' requirements and keep in touch with them so as to deliver the promised product or technology. They are employed by electronics, telecommunication, or software development companies. The average annual remuneration for Software Engineers in Hyderabad is Rs 388,060 per year.

Skills needed for the job: Technical analysis, logical thinking, teamwork and attention to detail

Software Developer

They design, install, test, and maintain software systems in a company. They are aware of the programming languages that help them develop new software as needed by the company or clients. Once a software system is developed, they test them in controlled situations. They also prepare instruction modules for the users. The annual pay package that a Software Developer can aim for in this Indian city is Rs 361,747 annually.

Skills needed for the job: Expertise in computer software, communication, analytical skills, and technical skills including Java, C++, Visual Basic, Linux, and others.

Software Test Engineer

These professionals are involved in testing the developed software systems for bugs and errors. They test a developed systems in all possible ways and check it on varied standards. These test engineers ensure that the system achieves the objective of its development. They prepare test scripts and document the errors and defects, once done with testing.

Skills needed for the job: Eye for detail, critical thinking, analytical skills, written communication

Network Engineer

The job of a network engineer demands technological skills where one deals with the communication systems and local area networks. They administer, maintain and improve these networks. They also deal with the security of data storage and data recovery strategies. The average annual remuneration that a Network Engineer gets in Hyderabad is Rs 292,294 per year.

Skills needed for the job: Networking, problem-solving, eye for detail, planning & strategy

Web Developer

Web development is all about the development of web pages and websites. The web designers are aware of the structuring and designing of a website. Using their technical knowledge of programming languages, they develop visually appealing websites. They are highly desired among the web development companies. They can expect to make Rs 269,630 annually in this city.

Skills needed for the job: Web technologies, critical thinking, and creativity.

Technical Consultant

These professionals are technical experts, who provide consultancy services. They develop, maintain and manage IT systems for the clients. They also provide after sales support to the clients. They get an annual average pay package of more than Rs 6,00,000. The highest paying skills for this job are JavaScript, Java/J2EE, . NET, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle e-Business Suite.

Skills needed for the job: Technical expertise, business acumen, project management, presentation, and communication skills.

Technical Sales

Those operating as technical sales officers need to hold a knowledge of how sales in IT is used to boost the business. These professionals aren't necessarily from any technical field. They are mainly involved in bringing more business to the company by bringing leads to it and dealing with the clients. They are involved in drafting proposals, conduct meetings, attend conferences on the behalf of the organization. They also need to report their activities to their superiors and are also required to meet targets, as specified to them.

Skills needed for the job: Communication, influential skills, business acumen, interpersonal skills, and time management.

Technical Support

Those employed as Technical Support Officers are involved in monitoring and dealing with all sorts of technical issues arising within the company. They can look forward to work with hardware manufacturing companies. They need to hold sound technical knowledge as they need to monitor and respond to the user's queries related to the technical issues. The Technical Support Engineers can make Rs 254,248 annually in Hyderabad.

Skills needed for the job: Problem-solving, decision making, communication, and technical expertise.

Leading IT players in Hyderabad

Google Inc.
Tech Mahindra
HCL Technologies
Oracle Corporation

Look for a suitable IT job in Hyderabad

A panoramic view of Hyderabad
A panoramic view of Hyderabad | Source

The future of IT jobs looks alluring

Future of IT jobs in Hyderabad

Information Technology is one of the major terms that define today's Hyderabad apart from its cultural heritage and pearl business. The IT phase in the city was initiated pretty well and soon paced up to welcome global brands such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and the list goes on. Besides, the city even counts on its infrastructure, which is constantly being improvised to take the city to a new level.

Further, if we talk about the future of IT professionals in the city, it looks bright. From entry-level engineering graduates to experts seeking to find their abode in the city can look for the most suitable job opportunities in the IT companies operating here. The best way to reach out to these jobs is to log on to the leading job portals.


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      What will be the starting pay for the freshers in Hyderabad? Any idea?