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Speaking Tips Afraid of Impromtu Speaking?

Updated on August 4, 2017

In speaking, nothing ventured, nothing gained - take the risk

The writer in 1999 speaking at a formal gathering.
The writer in 1999 speaking at a formal gathering.

You can do it! Don't be afraid there might be a lot of impromptu public speaking

Welcome to this Hub on Speaking Tips.

A lot of people are afraid of public speaking. They feel they might be put on the spot; called upon unexpectedly to present on something they might not know, that is, speaking impromptu. But generally this is not the case. You'll probably be using tried and practised material.

So do you want to become one of the world's sought after public speakers ? Someone people really want to hear? You can. It’s easy. The catch? You’ve got to step outside your comfort zone time and time again. You’ve got to take the risk. You have to get out among the ‘general public,’ beyond the comfort of those familiar faces of friends and acquaintances in your public speaking class, whatever that might be.

There are literally thousands of organizations which can use you as a speaker - so take the risk

How? Phone and ask. Write and ask. There are literally thousands of organizations out there who meet monthly, fortnightly, weekly- nearly all of whom are crying out for competent speakers. And once you have landed a few engagements you get ‘word of mouth’ referral from then on. The word simply gets around. Before you know it, you’re in demand.

Speaking Tips - Fear of Public Speaking Impromtu

You'll get so many speaking engagements you'll have to start saying "No."

My specialty, at the moment, is the ‘Retiree’ group. Make no mistake about it, there are hundreds of them. They range from people in Nursing Home ‘Day-care Centers and Retirement Villages, to Probus Clubs, National Seniors, Golden A, etc.. When I checked recently my list of audiences, I found with pleasant surprise that I’d spoken to nearly 36,000 people in a little over fifteen years.

Take the risk - You'll be glad you did

They'll want you to entertain them. Afterall, you'll be the guest speaker

Because I’m retired, I pick groups that meet in the daytime. But it’s just as easy to line up evening engagements. Rotary, Lions, Apex, Soroptimist, Zonta Clubs generally meet weekly, so imagine how many speakers they need.

Of course, you’ll have to give ‘em more than a ten- minuter; the sort of thing you might be able to do now with practiced ease. Anything from 30 minutes to 60 minutes is the norm outside of the tutor-taught environment. But that’s what you need do if you want to grow as a speaker. As I said, take the risk. These will probably be rehearsed and practised pieces. There'll be little call for speaking impromptu, except maybe at 'question time' at the end.

Speaking Tips - Fear of Public Speaking Impromtu

Tip for Impromtu Practice - Joine a public speaking club.

If you join a rostrum club of some type, for example, Toastmasters' International, which has thousands of clubs all round the world, you'll find yourself practicing speaking impromptu at just about every meeting. Such practice will make you very able in giving short answers to quesitons "off the cuff."

A further tip: Read widely. Remember, the wider you knowledge base, the more confident and competent you'll be.

There comes a time speaking to groups that you realize you love doing it - so take the risk

Don't put it off any longer - be the speaker you really can be!

Do you want to become one of the world's sought after public speakers? Do you really want to be someone people really want to hear? You do? Then don’t put it off any longer. Take the risk. Get out there and do some speaking!

I hope you enjoyed this Speaking Tips segment

Keep smiling



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