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Does Banner Advertising On Google Really Work?

Updated on September 16, 2010

Does Banner Advertising On Google Really Work?

There is a reason why so many business owners and website owners use banner ads - they really work! Banner ads are a great way to get visitors and customers to your website, and using banner advertising on Google can mean literally thousands of visitors every day, if it's done properly.

It is important to understand the details involved in banner advertising to make it successful for you. A lot of people do not know that advertising costs differ for every type of visitor. Understanding these details is essential to ensure that your visitors will purchase your products.

Banner ad costs will depend on how much you are willing to pay per click. The higher payment you give to PPC, the more often your banner ad shows up. Your ad may also be shown on sites that have a higher number of visitors as well.

It is advantageous to know how much you are willing to spend on your banner advertising on Google. In most cases it could even be hundreds of dollars! Visitors does not result into buying the products but you will still have to pay for the click on your banner ad.

If a product is a common selection, the clicks for it costs higher. There are similar sites selling similar products, and the one who pays the most for a click gets the most placement for more visibility. It is essential to understand this about banner ads through Google because it might result in few visitors which will be bad for business.

Specific keywords and phrase will be associated with your banner ads on Google. If you're selling a weight loss supplement, this will mean you'll be using the keywords of "weight loss" as well as things like "supplements" and "healthy weight loss.Keywords are essential so that Google will know where to place your banner ads. It is weird to see a weight loss supplement being advertised on a skateboarding website!

Google can be used to see the keywords relevant to your site and this is normally done before going through with banner advertising on Google. Its up to you which keywords to use.

Of course banner advertising on Google won't translate into sales if you don't sell a quality product and maintain your website properly. Make sure a customer can purchase easily and that your site looks professional updated at all times. This will translate into more visitors and more sales overall.


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