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Interview For A Promotion

Updated on April 30, 2018

First step

Before you can get a promotion, you have to put in/apply for the spot. You can't just ask for it or hope that it's handed to you. Moving up in the workforce isn't as easy as an heir inheriting a business. It takes years of dedication and overtime, sometimes it's making your job 1st priority and taking on extra duties that really aren't in your job title. Advancing in your career can be challenging and hopefully these examples will give you an idea on what to expect before, during, and after the interview.


How far does my intelligence get me?

The number one thing that matters in an interview is what you say and how you answer their questions. If you don't say all the things they hope to hear, you might as well just throw in the towel. Most companies follow certain protocol and have a thing they like to call a process.

An interview can be a stressful thing to prepare for if you lack a few social skills. It's one of the most important traits to have when working in a customer service environment. In that case; being great at a job, handling fast paced tasks well, adapting to changes with confidence, facing all kinds of challenges, and meeting deadlines don't matter to them.

"Am I good enough?"


The one important thing to remember is that you aren't the only one trying to take that spot. There are many other employees who have worked just as hard and have gained the same experience that you have. Just because you feel that you deserve it, someone else may feel the same way. Everyone has their own story and deals with their own problems. If they get picked over you, you never want to hold a grudge. You congratulate them because you would want them to do the same for you. That's when you decide if you want to try for the next time around or find something better!


After the interview and the dreadful waiting period, they tell you that you weren't selected for the promotion, which you were so confident in getting. You had all the qualities to show how good you really are and the experience alone should have put you there. They say you needed to learn more about a place you've been for 3+ years. What else did you need to know?

It's all about the interview and what you didn't say. Now you start to beat yourself up and begin to think "I'm not good enough"


It happens more than you think! You really wanted it and you feel there is nothing else you could possibly do, this was your life goal and meant more to you than anything. The last thing you wan to do is blame yourself for not being good enough. It's hard not to be upset, Iv'e been there! My anxiety took over and I was a mess, It took a few days to "get over it" and with the help of a good few co-workers who gave me the pep-talk I needed. One piece of advice that I held onto was "Maybe it wasn't what you were meant to do, maybe there is something else coming to you!" I then took a mental step back and thought about my other options available. That helped me get through it just slightly enough to keep trying and not give up completely!


The feeling of accomplishment happens here, they call you in to the office to shake your hand and congratulate you. "We chose you for the position!" they say, you sign your name on the dotted line and they explain your pay raise. That's when you get the badge or the desk and begin your training, It's like starting any new job and things will get a little overwhelming at times. Eventually you get the hang of things and before you know it, the responsibilities becomes tolerable.

Closing the deal

Find what you are good at

Even though you have dealt with many forms of rejection in the past, You still feel that it's about time for a come-up. When will you finally get your win? It just means, that door is closing and you should look for another one opening. Find what you want in a career. Pursue in writing if that's what you love. I'm not saying to just quit and write a book because that will not pay the bills. I actually mean to continue working for the company that let you down and work slowly toward finding something else. Make sure to update your resume and get it submitted to what you really see yourself doing for the rest of your life. Your life is what you make it, and it's no one else's decision to tell you otherwise.

You know what you're good at and you know what your passion is. Don't let your 9 to 5 job hold you back from great accomplishments. Follow your heart and follow your dreams, how you choose to get there is all up to you!

After the interview

Not selected
Other Options
Get a raise
Pay stays the same
Go for a higher paying job
Get new training
No training needed
Possible training for job changes
Have more responsibility
Same tasks
A chance to meet new people and gain more experience

Never settle

It may seem like hard work to look for something beside what you're used to, Things might be easier to stay and suck-up for the next time around. When you feel that it's time for change and you know that your true ambitions are somewhere else, give in to those intentions! You are capable of much more than you know if you really set your mind to it!


  • Smile
  • Be confident
  • Listen to the questions, they can be very tricky
  • Answer courageously
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions or comment
  • Say thank you before leaving the room


Will you be making a career change?

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    • profile image


      8 months ago

      Wonderful advice. I wish I would have read this months ago.


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