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Dog Sitting: Taking Care of Someone's Best Friend

Updated on July 21, 2011

A Job for Animal Lovers

Do you love animals and wish you could make money working with them but don't want to work in a vet's clinic? Are you looking for a flexible job or a second income? One of the ways you can do that is by being a dog sitter. A dog sitter takes care of the family pet while they aren't at home. It has become a very popular business in many cities.

Who uses a dog sitter?

While it is mainly thought of as a service for people on vacation, there are other times when having a dog sitter can be helpful. Using a dog sitting service can allow people who travel regularly for their jobs to have a pet. They feel better knowing their pet is at home instead of being boarded in a strange environment.

Elderly and disabled people can also employ a dog sitter when they can't provide all of the care a dog needs. This allows them the benefits that come from having a pet is spite of any physical restrictions.

What does a dog sitter do?

A dog sitter can have a variety of jobs, depending on the needs of their client. The most frequently requested task is taking the dog for a walk. This is useful for people who work long hours at their job or are physically disabled. They may take care of the dog two or three times a day for people who are out of town.

They may also feed and water the dog or do other non-dog related tasks, such as bringing in a newspaper or mail for the person who is out of town. Usually the non-dog related tasks are simple requests that make it look like they are home such as turning on and off lights or closing curtains.

A great part-time job

Dog sitting is a great job for a variety of people. Students who just want to take care of dogs for people on vacation during the summer can make some extra money. Stay at home moms who can take their kids with them will find it a flexible, convenient way to provide some income for their family. People who are looking for a second income will find that it is easy to fit it around their regular job.

If you love animals and are looking to make some extra money, this could be the perfect job for you. There are things to consider which I will cover in future hubs but this can be a fun money-making opportunity where your work will feel more like play.


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