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Doing The Art Of Conversation The Right Way

Updated on March 25, 2016

The art of conversation is very important and needs to be laid emphasis on, it’s the way in which we interact informally with an individual or a group of people about a feeling, an opinion, or ideas. It can be verbal or non-verbal. In addition, as it sounds it needs the brain and the mouth to make an effective communication, it comprises a speaker, and a listener, without a listener there is nothing like conversation. Interaction is all about socializing with people and getting to know more about them get ideas from them and learn how they react to certain things or situation.

Man as an Individual

For a man to stand out in an organization, he needs to acquire potentials that enables him convey a message to the listeners effectively. The first thing to note in conversation is respect; treat everyone with equal respect. It is disrespectful of the speaker to snub any of his guest perhaps he was trying to make a suggestion or so. Moreover, do not forget to abandon your worries behind before going into a conversation, so as not to end up frowning your face at everyone because it will end up getting them mystified.


First things first, "Introduction" it is very crucial in every gathering to introduce oneself. It is not a very difficult thing to do, mainly a few statement describing your personality. It helps both in the art of conversation and in the future as it sometimes get two people from different places together.

Manner of Approach

I think a first approach means a lot in every conversation, the manner in which we address issues gives them their worth. If you are meeting somebody for the very first time, you should treat the person with absolute propriety in regard of his or her status. Each individual should introduce them self in the most polite way, it might even create room for both individual to be acquainted.


Every good conversation starts with a good listener, in essence when you are conversing with an individual or a group of people, make sure that they are following or are paying attention. As a listener, pay attention as much as you can to the conversation and use them to keep it going. A quote by Katharine Whitethorn states that, "A good listener is not someone who has nothing to say, but a good talker with a sore throat.” You also as a speaker should as well listen to your audience's opinion. Carry them along to gain their trust. In addition, many may think that the main objective in conversation is to talk and talk, but I say the most gratifying thing you can do is to pay attention. There is nothing so bad than after a speaker had finished using his brain, time, and energy, he came to realize he has been talking to himself.


Before going into the society as a speaker, it will be best to make preparation on your topic, listen to other speakers, and learn from them. Write down some points, and correct a few mistakes. This helps to reduce panics or fear of making blunders throughout the speech. Also make sure to speak on what you know to avoid being unable to answer questions from your listeners, it is very embarrassing to oneself.

Have you ever thought of making your speech flow by leading some part of your conversation as an anecdote or comment? I think you should consider doing that. So many people present may have one or two things bothering their mind, your tale could lift their tension. Never make your conversation a boring one. "Conversation is the art of never appearing a bore, but of knowing how to say everything interestingly, to entertain with no matter what, to be charming with nothing at all" a quote stated by Guy De Maupassant.


It will be very sensible to note that it is of a good manner to acknowledge a stranger who is not familiar with the used language during a conversation. Try to change the language to that which will benefit each one present. When a strange language is being used in a meeting or gathering where there is an outsider, he or she may assume the conversation is all about him or feeling unwanted. The statement above is proven by an incident that I observed at a particular time that almost broke a relationship. A woman was conversing with another person in the presence of her fiance in a strange language; the fiancé now was very upset that she could not converse in a language he could understand. Eventually her fiancé concluded that his fiancee is having a secret affair that is been hidden from him.

Putting Up a Smile

While addressing or interacting with an individual or a group of people in a meeting, it is always best to put on a smiling face as it explains more to what you are saying. There no aim frowning and smirking when you are in a gathering.


According to Beryl Bainbridge, "cloths do matter.” First impression matters the most in the art of conversation, the way you dress tells more about you. While going for an interview or a presentation or speech always put on a proper dress, as it is more glaring than manners.

Eye Contact

It is important to keep an eye contact while talking to a group of people, try as much as not to talk to people in a gathering with a wavering attention.

Ending a Conversation

Now you are rounding up your talk, what should you do?
1) Do a little summary on all what you have said. Some people might have been confused at the beginning of your speech; the summary could help them understand it all.
2) Ask questions and as well give them the opportunity to ask questions, by doing so you will be convinced that they followed or the other way round.
3) Ask for opinions
4) Lastly, you can shake hands with few people, or even a part on the shoulder. The majority of the people gathered will feel that you are just as approachable, and as human.

These guideline can be applied in any sort of conversation, when it comes to public or private speaking. It never hurts to be with people to listen and make conversations more enjoyable as well as enlightening.


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