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Doing your best at work

Updated on February 27, 2012

Have you ever gone to work and as your work day goes on you see that other workers around you are kind of slacking off? Well, I am sure that everyone has at one point or time. There are times when I can think back to the time before they moved people around within the company that I work for. We had a good group, we all had good communication. But when it came to change in management there was a change that we all had to get used too.

This happens to many companies, I am sure not just the one that I work with. With the new employees that we received, it happened to be that they were trained a whole different way than we liked. What I am getting from all this is that some workers do not really do their best at work, they don't put their all in doing the job that they are required to do. We all are given responsibilities to do during the whole work day and as one is doing their part, others will always seem to find a way to slack off. Sometimes we think that the main supervisors don't see anything of what is really happening but they are somehow always watching.

We are told that it is just important for us to do our jobs and responsibilities because all that matters is that we look good on our part. We should really try our best because when the others seem to think that they can get away with slacking off and not doing what they are told, they do not realize that they are being watched and their actions always show how much they really want to work. It is very important to focus on ourselves and how we do our job because that will help make the others we work with respect us more.


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