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Domain Names: 2011 Word Trends

Updated on March 13, 2012

2011 Domain Trends

Trying to keep up with domain trends can be complicated and tiring, but well worth the trouble. Especially if you are trying to flip a few domains or auction off any old domains you don't use anymore.

I have found that one of the best ways to keep up with domain naming trends, is to keep an eye on the auctions, as well as an eye on domain names that are expired or soon to be expired. Doing this can help you can important insight about whats HOT and what's NOT.

One Word Domain Names

Just about every 1 letter, 2 letter, 3 letter and 4 letter domain name has been taken. Many of them are simply horded by those with the money and energy to buy them all up and then wait for the right buyer to pay their crazy high price to buy the domain. The rest are bought here and there by various domain flippers and website owners who got lucky.

You can guarantee that just about every number sequence up to dour digits has been taken as well. There is something just too dangerous about five digits, and they don't do well in the market yet. They probably will soon, but who knows for sure.

When the .com boom hit, one word domains became automatic TLD names, and they still haven't dropped any in popularity, which means that if you can get lucky with a one word domain that no one has bought up yet, then you can win big. Truthfully, any one word domain can bring you in revenue. The more chance of that word being used often by anyone, and the more value is added to your value.

Your best one words are going to be five letters or less. You can choose a well known word, a rarely used word or even a made up word. I recently found that is still available. It maybe a made up word, but we see what happened to the made up word Facebook....

Some HOT one word domains in auction now:   -   Currently is worth $10,000 and has been bid on 11 times

Ore.Info    -    $39,990 with 10 bids

Developer.Info    -  $1,299 and 16 bidders   -     It's amazing to believe this site gets 56,000 regular hits of traffic and is only currently been bid up to $1,020 by its 8 bidders.    -    Although it's still only up to $100, this sure is a popular domain, as it has already been bid on 290 times!   -    worth $9,999 already!   -    $150,000 from 68 bidders. Only 66 more days before this auction ends...    -    this one already ha 40 bids and is up to $515   -  $50,000 with 22 Bids   -  worth $100 and up to 16 bids     -    This one is already worth $10,000

Some one worders that no one is interested in:   -   Maybe its because it's spelled wrong, or maybe it's because the starting bid is $7,000. Who knows, but this one word TDL is not hot right now.     -    no bidders  -   Creative, but still not hot...  -   Nada  -  $0.00    -   ZERO    -    Surprising, but no one wants it (yet)     -     Highly rated, seldom bidded    -    If I had $25,000 I'd bid on it....   -  zilch   -  Some tool company is missing out by not taking this domain....  -   Only worth $1 and still no bidders.

Most of these domains are unpopular only because there are still better words out there. Others are not so hot, simply by chance. Yet and still, some domain names have simply been over looked because they are not commonly used words. That is no reason to discount these domain names, as many of them get or could get tons of traffic and become very profitable domain names. They are just simply not in the 2011 trend.

Two or Three Word Names

Getting that just right domain name can often take more than one word. This makes two and three word domain names popular, as they usually hold their value with search engines. You can even go up to four words sometimes, though your value starts to drop as your length increases.

Look at some of these Hot Hot Hot domain names currently being bid on:   54 people have bid this domain up to $49,000     is already at $50,000 and has 43 bids

SmartCards.Net    $500 isn't to bad for this domain name

DisneyDiscount.Info     9 bids up to $250 dollars     $1000 from its seven bids    $10,000 with only 5 bids

MicroGames.Info     $4,999 and 3 bids

Heads in the Cloud

Ever since the rise of Cloud Computing, the rise of Cloud domain names, has risen greatly as well. People want to more cloud computing, and domain buyers and flippers have recognized this. Now we are starting to see tremendous sales on almost any domain including the word Cloud.   -   going for $50,000 with 4 bids  -   Only one $6,000 bidder, but hey, $6,000 is a lot for two words!  -   $987 with 6 bidders    -    $4,500   2 bidders

CloudBackup.Info    -   $64 bucks and 1 bid     -      $60 with 1 bid on it

Many of the good cloud names have been taken. Though that doesn't mean all is lost. There are still many good names left out there. or CloudPart.Org


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