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Domain Registration Renewal

Updated on September 6, 2010

Domain registration renewal is an extremely important procedure in acquiring domain names over the internet. When you apply for a certain domain name, remember that  you only own it for a limited amount of time. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) allows for a maximum of 10 years for a registration for a domain name. Once a domain name reaches its expiration date, it is in danger of being acquired by another party. This is why domain registration renewal should not be taken lightly since as you don’t want others having a claim over your domain name especially if it’s already established..

So what are the implications when you fail to register or renew your domain name? Upon the expiration date, a total of 60 days is still  allocated for you to conduct a domain registration renewal before possibly ownership of the domain name. The domain will be finally deactivated once the 30 days grace period has been reached. Furthermore, it will take another 30 days of redemption period. If you still fail to take action within the 60 days given , the domain name will be deleted from the registry after 5 days. When this happens, that domain name can be owned again by the first person who registers it.

Domain Registration Renewal
Domain Registration Renewal

Keeping in mind of the expiration date of your domain name is a must for web owners  lest you lose the site  forever. It is highly suggested that you immediately list down the  domain registration renewal date on your planner or calendar by the time you register or renew your domain name. This way you have your own safeguard from forgetting the domain registration renewal date.

Also, if you can afford it, it is advisable that you register or renew a domain for the maximum period that is realistic for your website. While it may not be practical to renew a domain for 10 years since many unforeseen events could happen and it can be likely  that your website may not be there anymore, at least make a long-term feasible prediction so that you can register the domain name more than the minimum amount of time.

This can save you some money as some domain registrars offer discounts for a longer registration. It also frees you from the trouble of having to do domain registration renewal every time.


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