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What is Domain Hack

Updated on October 23, 2012

What is Domain Hack

Domain Hacking is not some thing related to hacking onto your Domain Registrar account and takes control of your Domain name, but it is process of creating some thing mean able or definable domain name (i.e. Domain Hacks) with use of Top level domain names like .us, .in, .it, .ca. Delicious and are the great example of great domain hacking.


Do Domain Hacks Rank Better than Domain dot com

People do ask me this question that do domain hacks rank better than dot com or dot net domain names. As it is all about your website ranking better and if your website ranks better than it automatically converts into money making machine.

Answer for this question is Yes, or might be No. If you choose keyword rich domain hack like or, it will be really rank better than any website (if you really work on it). If you choose wrong domain or less keyword rich domain hack, it might not help you out. Hence think twice before choosing domain hack.

How to Create Domain Hack

You can create domain hack from al most every available TLDs. Some of the great tlds for creating domain hacks are.

For TLDs like .in, and .it
"Verb"+in e.g.,,
"Verb" e.g.,

For other tlds like .us, .ca, .io, .co, .de, .ws

****xx or ****xx/*

xx represents the last two letter of the word and **** represents other letter of the word.

How to Register Domain Hack

You can register domain hack like other normal domain names. But remember some tlds have special restriction over register domain hacks and you might need to more for register domain hack.

like .WS, you might not able domain hacks like NE.WS and other
For .ME, you can't register domain hack like GA.ME, NA.ME

Does Domain Hack Sell More than Other Domain Names

If you decide to sell down your domain name, it always make you money. And money gets better with more keyword rich or short domain hack.


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      W@W 5 years ago

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      thehemu 6 years ago from New Delhi, India

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      Mark 6 years ago from Alabama,USA

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