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Donald Trump's and Kim Jong Un's Emotional State

Updated on October 27, 2017

There’s a certain aspect of fear that begins to form rational sensibilities with some degree of humility that distorts a nation’s ego. However, if something isn’t manageable then fear itself has the capability to overwhelm an entire nation and never sooth the insecurities and fears that lay dormant. Kim Jong Un did send an open letter to the West urging sharp vigilance against Donald Trump. In 1984 George Orwell added, “People are controlled by conflicting pain”, that conflicting pain will marshal events whether there is fear or not.

North Korea’s fear and rule of expression is that they can’t go back from being reckless and a global threat. The North Korean Ministry of North American Relations leader Chose Son Hui stated, “Our leader Kim Jong Un has explained our stance; we will coerce the Americans to peace and respond to fire to fire. We have nuclear weapons, ballistic missiles, but will not use them if there is no threat.”

China’s official newspaper The People’s Daily featured an intriguing comment, “To be fair, there is logic behind Trump’s threat against the DPRK”. The logic behind Trump’s threat against the DPRK is to instill fear with the regime to agree with US demands for them to exit their nuclear program. On the opposite side of the argument, the North Korean regime is on the verge of embarrassing themselves in legitimizing their position as a nuclear state.

Trump’s determination is to exploit North Korea’s weakness, albeit with China’s influence. The North Korean generals know that the United States army is invincible. The North Korean letter to member states represented that their fate is in the hands of one man that would act emotionally rather than rationalizing his fear and subsequent dialogue towards peace and lifting sanctions, particularly from China.

Niccolo Machiavelli stated, “It is the greatest importance in this world that man should know himself, and the measure of his own strength and means, and he who knows that he is not a genius for fighting must learn to govern by the art of peace.”

Kim Jong Un may feel that the collateral damage is high enough to engage in provocations in order for him to grow his administrative power over the Korea people and not look weak in the process. China and Russia can not come to terms with North Korea’s presence as a nuclear state; however they rationalize that since they have the bomb, they would love to negotiate de-nuclearization rather than confrontation.

There is legitimacy that once a state develops a nuclear bomb some degree of nuclear status has to be given to them. The logical argument for the North Korean dilemma is to negotiate even if it hasn’t worked in the past. What Trump and his generals now see is mounting conceptual confusion from Kim Jong Un’s continuing statements of declaring war against the United States.

This is rather unique; it typifies a paranoid process that serves Kim to maintain his narcissistic fantasies and need to feel special in the global world order. In Trump’s mind this produces a subordinate narcissism explicated by shame and confusion. Trump’s bloated failures eroded his weakness in moving his agenda forward. His narcissist development is constantly reiterated on Twitter along with his aggression towards “Fake News”. Trump’s defensive vicissitudes assumes a panoramic view that becomes a projective disorder against a mad fat boy with nuclear weapons.

Trump’s internalization is to play other presidents and leaders that the North Korean crisis should’ve been resolved years ago so that he doesn’t have to put up with today’s problems. He stated, “North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States.” The most disturbing tweet read, “I’m very disappointed in China. Our foolish past leaders have allowed them to make hundreds of billions a dollars a year on trade, yet they do nothing for us with North Korea, just talk.”

Many geopolitical scholars feel that this tweet was strategic in manipulating China to take action against North Korea’s nuclear program. However his tweet is not a rational discussion, it’s a persecuting delusion and feeling of guilt that China made billions of dollars while the United States didn’t. In fact Trump’s statement is his own paranoid belief that simply diminished the Presidency of the United States.

Putin recently stated, “Don’t back Kim Jong Un into a corner.” The reason why Putin stated this is because China is rolling out the red carpet for him when Donald Trump comes for the state visit. Putin obviously felt a little bit left out and decided to show off his own nuclear capabilities. He ordered the testing of ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear weaponry in an over-the-top military drill involving numerous submarines and fighter jets.

Putin knows that once a nation achieves nuclear capabilities it’s only wishful thinking that can put the genie back into the bottle. Past US Presidents were cognizant of North Korea’s regime and subsequent threat in the North Korean Peninsula. However, no US leader wanted to go down in history with the label of instigating war against North Korea to propagate US nationalism and/or paternalism.

Trump’s paternalism is based on his own hallucinations and illusion of making America safe which creates a dichotomy with Republicans who are unable to fulfill their roles as a governing institution. If Trump’s psychosis is based on what fake news says about him, then the chances of war are elevated.

Russia’s objective with North Korea is de-nuclearization and to promote influence in the Korean Peninsula to balance America’s and Japan’s dominance in the Asia Pacific region. Since de-nuclearization has failed, the rational intent is to show force and masculinity in this region. Putin understands Kim Jong Un’s and Trump’s personality. Both miscreant leaders possess aggressive and reckless behaviors and their IQ is akin to retired NBA star Dennis Rodman.

Both men like to use women as a service for themselves and an instinctual investment as a serviceable identity. Both men’s mental appartatus are contradictory with their self-representation of grandiosity followed by inferiority. Both leaders have regressive swings of function as an archaic grandiose self-configuration. Both leaders are preoccupied with fantasies of limited success, power, beauty, and the touch of other women. They both have an excessive sense of self importance with expectations that seem superior for no legitimate reason. Both leaders display bizarre forms of perversion that become primitive and aggressive in nature. Both leaders are dominated by infantile personalities that are often represented with childlike imitations of others. Both men draw their emotional relevance to loyalty, with the slight edge going to Kim Jong Un for killing his opponents.

The reason why Putin understands these types of behaviors is because between the two, Putin seems to be the smarter pupil. John Steinbeck’s comment may be correct, “All war is a symptom of man’s failures as a thinking animal.” But one animal is always smarter than the others, Sun Tzu said it best, “Who wishes to fight must count the cost.” Putin knows that Kim Jong Un has pushed Trump into a corner and that his inflated self-esteem is now being challenged by a fat boy that wants to devalue his importance.

Thanks to Michael Ambrozewicz for his contributions into this article.


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    • profile image

      S Maree 

      22 months ago

      And we're the pawns. Shame on those who excuse Trump's playground braggadocio as a trade-off we Americans must endure to become "great" again.

      Many of my country-people equate power with greatness. But there were and are huge pools of citizens who have never enjoyed either. They have been either simply ignored

      or given tokens of appeasement, which are trampled when the governing elite fears encroachment upon their perks.

      Since these pools have existed in some form or another thru U.S. history, it is a travesty to believe in greatness. Power, always in the hands of an elite, is dangled like a morsel of food over a pit of starving animals.

      When votes are needed, morsels are showered with a show of generosity, and everyone is led to believe we'll all share the wealth. When the objective is attained, the dangling resumes.

      Many still believe the morsel shower only happens when the Republicans are in full power. I have family who believe Trump's government is the panacea that will save us all. He will bring back the jobs lost to NAFTA. He will provide superior health care like they enjoyed in the halcyon days of the 1950's-1960's.

      There is nothing I have seen in Trump that assures me that we can return to those days. Now, we must include people whose needs were totally ignored. People who refuse to remain among the trampled. They are here, they can vote, and they are, as a whole, out-populating the caucasians.

      And now, this leader of a world power is engaged in school-yard one-upmanship with a little guy who keeps drawing lines in the sand & taunting him. Kim reminds me of a nerd with an AK-47 taking on the football team. The whole team may be armed, but who's going to be the first on the trigger?

      When the shooting starts, God alone knows the outcome. But I doubt Trump or Kim will be in the crossfire. Leave that privilege to the pools of have-nots.


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