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Don't Play Well with others

Updated on October 5, 2011

retail woes

I am not a pleasant person and don't get along with most people but I work in the retail industry.You have probably meet some people in the retail industry that has you asking "How did they get this job?" It's easy, retailer's are large company's that are interested in money not service. I believe the retail industry is a service industry because a retail store is the only company in the long chain stating with the manufacture that deals with an individual. Most retail companies see retail as stack it high sale it.... a little lower,today retailers deal in such bulk that they are more wholesalers dealing with the public than true retailers.I wish I could have been around when retail was young, a customer would enter a store and within 15 seconds a person was at your side helping you complete your purchase. Back then retailers had to be the best at service because if not they would lose customers, today it seems more retailers are seeing this customer service practice in a different light,THE- If they don't like what we got, go somewhere else- mentality.I want to see "mom and pop" stores again no more stack it high stores, I want to see where you don't have to drive to a major city just to buy groceries because there two cent less. I would like to see a store that sees service before profit rather than see service as an option.Perhaps I'm dreaming because really during Christmas who would you rather see a large store with everything you need or a small store that is out as soon as the day begins. The little store will more than likely never come back but I challenge the big retailer to know your customer and your employees, don't be afraid of putting your best on the floor and striving for service before profit.Who knows one day John Q Consumer may see the best store in the country to be not the one with the best stuff, lowest prices or the largest facility but the one that sees every consumer as a person not a number and every dollar as a complement not a profit. We can only hope.


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