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Don’t make the following mistakes in your cover letter and resume

Updated on September 17, 2012

Your resume and cover letter is the first contact you make with a prospective employer. It is almost like an introduction chapter of a book. If the employer does not find it interesting enough, he will not bother to read it further.

Thus, it is important that your resume and cover letter is impeccable. It won’t guarantee you the job, but it will at least make sure that you have a good shot at it. Here are some mistakes you would do well to avoid in your cover letter and resume:

Grammatical errors

If your resume and cover letter has grammatical errors or typos, say good bye to the job for good. Companies are looking for professionals, even when hiring freshers. Make sure you double proofread your resume and cover letter before you decide to send it across.

Cliched opening paragraph for a cover letter

Most organizations receive cover letters and resumes by the dozen every day. They do not have the time to go through each one of them. Very often, if the first few lines that decide the fate of your application. Do not stick to clichéd opening lines for a cover letter such as, “I am applying for the position of so and so…” Instead, make it interesting. Include your highlights in the opening lines apart from the reason why you are fit for the role.

Missing out on accomplishments in your resume

Most often, candidates focus on the roles performed in their previous company or their college societies. There are hundreds of other candidates out there who have performed the same roles as you. What makes you different then? In order to stand out from the crowd, it is important to highlight your achievements rather than just focus on the roles. Put your achievements in bold in your resume. It will help your prospects.

Rewording the resume for your cover letter

This is a common mistake committed by even the most seasoned of professionals. Companies will read your resume for your academic qualifications etc. In the cover letter, they want to know more about you. Use the cover letter to explain your personality and any anomalies you have in your resume, such as gap years.

Making it too long

Nobody is going to read a 6 paragraph cover letter or a 3 page resume. Nobody has that kind of time with them. Keep your resume and cover letter simple, short and to the point. The ideal length for a resume is 2 pages while a 3 paragraph cover letter works just fine.

Missing out on contact information

You have a great resume, you have written an excellent cover letter and the company is interested in hiring you. But they do not have the right contact information with them. That’s a blunder. Always include the correct contact details in your cover letter and resume. It is common sense, but an often made mistake.


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