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“Don’t sweat the petty, Pet the Sweaty”

Updated on September 17, 2016

Your car needs a new transmission which would consume every cent you have. Good you got two legs, sell it and walk. Being thankful for what you have and an undeniable positive attitude is what sets a street hustler from an entrepreneur; these are light-years apart.
You got fired or can’t get a full time position yet. Good room for you to think and learn from the internet, strangers, friends, or family who or what you want to become when you are sitting on the couch before you put on your outdated television which you’ve been meaning to upgrade.
Making investments in your well being and future goals defines most of your life, start doing it and you may not see your balance grow, but hell sure for how great your day was.
Letting the bad things in your past resonate in your head will destroy you, take care of them by any means possible and watch you frowning wrinkles destroyed by smiles.
Maybe you think the only thing that can get you out of your rut or depression is the lottery. For me, I never really got into the lottery; I put my blessings in seeing happy little animals around where I live. But that is just the animal in me speaking. It works around 90% of the time.


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