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Don't work hard, work intelligently

Updated on September 19, 2015

There is an increasing philosophy in the world of business that promotes entrepreneurship as the best way to become wealthy. This path though, is not easy and will not give immediate results, sometimes it will not produce incomes after a long time of hard work, commitment and sacrifice.

Now, everybody may commit to become an entrepreneur, but the truth is that if all the people in the world were entrepreneurs, many things would not work. So, here is where the working class becomes essential, and being part of that indispensable collective does not mean to never get rich.

So, what to do?

Clearly, there is not a single formula to increase incomes while working as an employee. Of course, hardworking is a path that can help to lead to wealth, but sometimes that will imply spending great amounts of hours at office and heavy loads of stress, which can not only cause families to torn apart, but also may cause major health issues related to the job, as a consequence all the money that may have been earned will be consumed on medical treatments to maintain the quality of life. So, there is another possibility, which is working intelligently.

Maybe working with intelligence will mean nothing without effort, this is not about leaving work and hope money comes magically or using others good will in our favour to get the job done and not giving anything in return, NO. This means that there are ways in which the resources can be used to its maximum in order to deliver quality results in less time, sometimes the most useful resource is the same employee's abilities. For instance, if there is a project at the office in which a massive spreadsheet to run calculations has to be made and in another older project a similar spreadsheet was made, it's better to go to the older model and replace the calculations with the actual ones; also there is a chance that making a search in the web will return you tips on how to manage enormous quantities of data in these software or even may return results of models that can be used, so it is possible to save time instead of starting one of this spreadsheets from scratch.

The Project Management Triangle

The latter is related to that axiom: “Time is money”, which is a well-known premise to build theories on how to get rich but, there are many other paths that probably has not been discovered yet. The world of business and industry today is starting to adapt to the approach putting quality instead of quick results, because there is increasing competition on different areas, which is promoting the quest for delivering better products to the final customer. So in that matter, it is better to negotiate with the customer or the employer based on the Triple Constraint that, according to Erik Bethke (2003) is a useful graphic aid to help with intentionally choosing project biases, or analysing project’s goals.

This Triple Constraint or Project Management Triangle can be used as a simple employee tool to show that quality of the product he/she is asked to deliver in constraint to scope, time and cost. In a brief analysis, there as these three constraints are attached to each other, the variation of one of them will affect positively or negatively the other two, which means that making a product at a relatively low cost and quickly will sacrifice its final quality, but if a product is made surpassing expected quality in no time, this will mean that it is going to be really expensive.

To sum up, there are many ways to increase the incomes and improve life quality and that does not necessary means to become an entrepreneur, which is a risk people has to be willing to take, and not everyone has the vocation or the resources to commit to it. So what should be done is to find how to improve the ways of working efficiently and with little cost to the health and happiness.


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    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 2 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      The concept of working hard is one that our parents and grandparents used. In the old days, people did WORK HARD to succeed, even more so at maintaining their jobs. However, this concept of working hard has evolved to working smart to succeed. One must work smart in order to succeed in the modern, mid-20th century in order to maintain their jobs, if not succeed. Now, the idea of working intelligently is a concept for the post-modern, 21st century, postindustrial, computerized world. If one does not work intelligently, h/she won't succeed but h/she will eventually fall behind, get phased out, and become the new unemployed, perhaps even the new underclass. Excellent premise presented here.