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Don't worry if you are a fresher, A sea of opportunity in Mumbai is waiting for you!

Updated on April 22, 2015

Reasons for Mumbai being favored job destination

Mumbai, has been a famous job destinations by job seekers of all skill levels, work experience and profession. Some of them have started their career in Mumbai, some had earned work experience in other cities of the country and then moved here. The influx of seasoned professionals can be credited for the following reasons; hefty paypackages, greater recognition of their efforts, faster career progression and availability of jobs that allows them to increase their earning potential at various stages of their career.

Relevance of your grades when recruiters hire you.
Relevance of your grades when recruiters hire you. | Source

Relevance of your grades

Most of the organizations in Mumbai have their head or corporate offices based here and which provide employment to professionals with varied work experience. Freshers, for these jobs are hired on the basis of their scores and educational institution attended. Scores or grades play a vital role to hire fresh graduates, as they are the indicators of their performance and on the basis of which recruiters determine, whether or not a particular candidate will add value to their organization by maintaining the same attitude towards his or her job, as they did during their career as a student.


The current landscape of fresher jobs in Mumbai

Talking about the prevailing job sectors, Mumbai is a prominent commercial destination for business owners, there is a wide spectrum of job sectors to choose from. All of them located at the epicenter of business or entire commercial activity; allow a fresher to sharpen their skills, strengthen their work ethic and determine the career path that will be best suited for them.

The conventional job sectors, which are favored by a large segment of the population living here. Mumbai, is known for its financial sector, information technology, travel and hospitality job sectors. Being a prominent business destination, a large number of business travelers arrive in the city from all around the globe as well as from all corners of the country; which has definitely given boost to the travel and hospitality industry in Mumbai, thereby, further boosting the job creation in both the job sectors.

A career in IT demands, from a professional to remain on the curve of learning throughout their career. It is of prime importance to learn and unlearn to absorb new skills.
A career in IT demands, from a professional to remain on the curve of learning throughout their career. It is of prime importance to learn and unlearn to absorb new skills. | Source

Software services and the BPO industry

Information technology as a job domain is growth oriented irrespective of its geographic location. In Mumbai, information technology is divided into two; software services and BPO. Those with a graduate degree can apply for jobs in the BPO industry, which requires some basic level of skills like communication skills, both written and verbal as well as the ability to work in rotational shifts. Fresher jobs in BPOs come with certain benefits, other than the financial benefits. Travel from home to work and vice versa along with the meals are a part of one's pay package. Many globally renowned employers such as; IBM, Intelenet Global Services, Sutherland BPO Services, JP Morgan Chase, FirstSource, and mPhasis are based in Mumbai, which offer lucrative job options for fresh graduates to start their career with a forward looking career path.

As for the sub-domain of Information Technology, software services have many bright prospects for freshers with education and skills in allied subjects of computer science or information technology. Freshers jobs in Mumbai are widely available for the profiles such as; software development, database administrator, database analyst, web analyst, networks engineer, systems analyst and business analyst. Being entry-level roles, the are a great platform for a fresher to expose himself or herself, with some of the best technology being used in the industry, opportunities to sharpen their skills as well as absorb new skills, which make them more employable over a period of time. However, as a professional in this industry, one must know how to learn and un-learn, as information technology is driven by updates in the technology, one would need to grasp the nuances of the new technology brought in and un-learn the aspects of the one's being discarded, over a period of time. This can be regarded as the key to success in information technology, in order to remain employable one would need to acquire new skills and discard the ones which turn redundant over the years, when new upgrades or cutting edge technology is brought in.

Graph showing the city based distribution of startups, where Mumbai has the second position.
Graph showing the city based distribution of startups, where Mumbai has the second position. | Source

Emergence as start-up hub

Mumbai is also emerging as a start-up hub. All these start-ups are concentrated around the suburb of Andheri, more specifically, around IIT Bombay. The congregation of the start-ups around IIT can be owed to the fact that, it provides them with dedicated and skilled resources which has allowed these start-ups to witness a boom in their growth and revenue models. Graduates from various parts of the country are increasingly landing with jobs in many of the start-ups; which has helped them to gain in-depth knowledge and experience in various functional areas of a business. Start-ups are not only offering them hefty pay packages, but also employee stock options which take their savings to another level all together. A relaxed and at times challenging, work environment allows young professionals to mold themselves into strong professionals who are not shaken by hard times and are dedicated towards reaching a common goal.


For the money minded

Finance is one of the most favored job sectors in Mumbai. Finance professionals from all parts of the country make it big in the Financial capital of India. Mumbai serves as the home for various organizations that play a vital role in the economy of India. National Stock Exchange, Bombay Stock Exchange, Reserve Bank of India and SEBI are located in Mumbai, however finding jobs in any of these finance institutions is a time taking process. Banks are also a major part of the domestic economy, other than retail banking operations, which are spread across various geographies of Mumbai and it's suburbs; many prominent nationalized banks have established their headquarters in the city of Mumbai. Roles offered in these headquarters are for those with specialized skills and domain expertise. Freshers are also considered for roles in banks, and are molded with the skills essential for their job role, which also helps them in arming themselves with the skills of value in the job market and develop their reputation as a skilled professional.

Those who want to take their hobby or interests to the next level, have infinite opportunities in Mumbai which serve as a platform to nurture and grow as a professional.
Those who want to take their hobby or interests to the next level, have infinite opportunities in Mumbai which serve as a platform to nurture and grow as a professional. | Source

Talent based jobs

Mumbai not only offers conventional jobs in job sectors like; marketing, sales, engineering, operations or management. Being the hub of entertainment and home to Bollywood; talent based jobs are widely available; those who want to make a career in the entertainment sector or the film industry, freshers need to start as an assistant with an established professional from a particular domain, absorb the nuances of the job and then after having earned significant amount of work experience, they can start on their own. However, talent based jobs require elephantine labor, commitment, dedication and diligence to make it big in their particular domain. As for the remuneration involved, that may or may not comprise of a stipend, but covers expenses like travel, food and stay; when one learns the tricks of the particular trade.


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Salaries and the underlying benefits of working in Mumbai

As far as salaries in Mumbai are concerned, the city enjoys a status of tier I city, which directly impacts the earning potential of the workforce, living and working in Mumbai. The pay scale which is decided by the central government is, applicable here and being a tier I city, the pay packages touch the roof. The salary offered to a candidate depends on the skills, education, last institution attended and the sector in which they are seeking employment.

All in all, Mumbai is the place to start your career from, as one can maintain the momentum of growth in their early years, which will add extreme value to their professional career, as well as will bring in a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment in their personal life.


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