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Updated on December 1, 2012

Web Consultants, can they help you?

Nowday's it is very important for any business, large or small to have a website. The same goes for email addresses which uses the same name as the website. ie. George@ will always be better than It is all about creditability and trust.

For many small business owners, there is just not enough time in the day to work the Internet to increase sales. This is where a Web Consultant could a major help. You either spend time managing and running your company or you spend your time on the Internet.

It could be that your business is totally Internet based, and you do all the things necessary to have a good page ranking, then I would not to able to help. If you have the time, check out some ideas and suggest on the Drachsi Web Consultant website, you might something of interest.

Website Directory for all types of promotion

Maybe you have joined all the major website directories and hope they can generate leads back to your website. But if you are a company with agents and distributors, or a website design or promotion company, owning your very own Website Directory can have major benefits. I have started to use such a Directory on my website, but you can also purchase the ready made program for $29 and do it yourself. Here is the link to the Website Directory program.

Using photo's to create a YouTube video

Another method to get you message across

Permanent feeders for your website

Using a Blog and YouTube videos helps spread your message. Being a member of specific Business Forums can also elevate your business profile. Then there are Hubpages to create and possibly Squidoo Lenses and if you are based in the UK, then BTTradespace is a must.

A great method to retain visitors is by providing sources of information and a newsletter. The newsletter can be a simple one page flyer or handbill available on your site or if you have access to MySQL there is much more you can do.

Forms and surveys

You know how it is, you visit a website and they insist on collection far too much information about you. On your website the number of fields should be limited and the design functional to international visitors. A survey is really just a form with a lot more requests for information. A typical website form can produce enough information to target the potential customer without adding to the huge amount of spam already generated. An independent website survey can locate potential problems, and offer suggestions for a small fee.

Integrated Internet Infrastructure

There many on-line services that need to be integrated into an organised structure. This is called an Integrated Internet Infrastructure or Triple i. Services like Hubpages, Squidoo, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, must be coordinated to provide the best feed to the main website.



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