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Drafting product sheets, it is an art

Updated on April 5, 2016

Drafting product sheets, it is an art

The product is the showcase of your e-commerce site in the sense that it represents your products.

Initially, it will target the class of persons to whom the product. Is it for personal or professional? You can thus adapt the register of language and vocabulary you use. For professionals, technical language will be appreciated while for individuals, a detailed description and simple words will be in order.

Depending on your site, use a tone related to the image you wish to convey. If you offer fun and quirky products, use a fun and quirky. Attention, it is important to study the competition if you are not the product manufacturer but its distributor.

There will never be too many elements of a product to the extent that the potential buyer wants as much information to reassure themselves before a possible purchase. Pictures are also important and I mean the pictures! Indeed, the potential buyer likes to inspect the products under various seams.Remember that it can not touch the product, can not analyze it closely so the photos will be his only way to project, to imagine your best. Several views are necessary, or even a situation layout for the customer to realize the size of the product. Present your product on a white background to better make it stand out.

Set up a tag system and zoom so that the buyer can inspect the product as desired. But beware, there is a happy medium! It is important to most things without overfill. Do not drown the information or risk losing customers seeking specific information embedded in it. We must be clear, concise and orderly.

Write a product

We need your product pages is impactful and relevant. To the extent possible, adopt a single graphic style so that the customer finds it and it is like being on the same website. Of course you will have to put a title, phrase, something catchy. Avoid blocks of text. Prefer a smart list so that information is as clear as possible, the potential customer does not have to read an entire text to find the item or the precision he seeks. Choose the visuals of your products with care.You can and should use tabs to organize all this content on the page such as the tab description, characteristics, overview, customer reviews ... Give the customer the possibility of a review, to issue a product review to refer other customers.That's always a plus. Without cluttering your page, the customer will give a detailed opinion on the product likely to convince a potential buyer. Especially as the potential customer will have more "confidence" in the opinion of a customer because it can most identify with him.

Be in the era of time. Add the ability to share product on social networks. Do not neglect the SEO that will improve your SEO and positioning your product. Feel free to offer other products related to the product or even consulted a product pack. For example, if the customer wants to buy a laptop, you can offer a product pack with a protective bag and a mouse to increase the average basket.Note also highlight the essential information by prioritizing the product. Do not put for example the size of a TV all at the end of the product description.

To help you, think about the technique of the inverted pyramid, beginning with the conclusion. Think you reread several times before the launch. This seems obvious but it will not be forgotten

Increase your chances

Do not stop on a product that looks good but going to qualitative quantitative to reach as many people without having to go elsewhere to learn. Put yourself in the customer's shoes and ask yourself the right questions: the product there will be good quality? Will it fit my needs?. We need the product page, the user have his answer and he knows the type of use of the product. The ability to add a video would be more significant. If you get the chance, it would be interesting to present the product in 3D to give a sensation of touching the client.

Moreover, it is a much more fun way to present its product. Make dream the future buyer and give him all the cards in hand so he can fulfill his purchase calmly and conscientiously things without necessarily going to learn from one of your competitors for more information.


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