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Dreaming but not doing anything about your dreams - try these ideas to make loads of money...because I won't try them

Updated on January 6, 2012
This guy is having one killer nightmare
This guy is having one killer nightmare | Source

Why ideas do not get translated into reality

Hello fellow dreamers,

I am a dreamer. But I feel trapped. Each day I think of a new website to build or a new way to earn money but in the end I never enact any of these ideas. Why is that? It all comes down to the fact that these ideas take time and money. And to compound the problem, I am hoping that these ideas will make me more money and also coincide with more free time.

Do you see the contradiction?

I want to make money and have more free time. To get that I need to spend money and use up my free time. Ummmmm......

I feel trapped.

So, I will just let you in on a few of my money making ideas so that even if I don't make money from the ideas someone else will have the potential to.

Idea 1 - Build a better snack catcher - Those things are so annoying! They leave crumbs everywhere and they look super tacky too. Make a screw top lid or something so that the animal cracker crumbs don't fall out and turn your car into a kid crumb factory.

Idea 2 - Make a website where inventors submit their invention ideas and allow other people on the internet to collaborate and comment on their designs. Then monetize the site

Idea 3 - Make athletic tape with a pain relieving lotion infused into it. You can then have customized, slow release pain relief. No more pain Grandma on the go.

Idea 4 - Make a website where you sell men's grooming products only. This is a huge market that has been hardly touched.

Idea 5, 6, 7, 8, 9..... Top secret. I gave you a few of the dregs of my ideas that have fallen by the wayside of late. These last few are my best ideas and dreams and I still have hope for their future success.

If one of the ideas that I shared today inspires you and you make millions remember who inspired you....and be generous.

In conclusion, I want you all to know that I will always be a dreamer and I will always continue to develop my ideas and thoughts and share them with the world.

Good luck dreamers. Never stop dreaming!


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