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Dress for Success To Win

Updated on May 3, 2015

Presentation Errors

Rules for Dress

Perhaps the message seems convoluted to others but there are non-spoken rules to creating a successful corporate image in the professional environment. As the years pass, the line between professional and inappropriate hasn't changed however more employees seem to be unaware of the rules. The basics of corporate environment:

  1. All communication should be professional. Your email should be appropriate. You can not give an employer your email address: hotsexy1for you, or diamondprincess, nrafan, or boutthatdough247 email address. You need an appropriate email that is simple and professional. Example your first name and lastname at, etc. When someone calls you on your cell phone they should not hear the latest rock ban, rap group, or you singing your message from the night at karaoke. Your message: (a) Thank you for calling I am unavailable at this time, please leave a message and I will return your call at my earlier opportunity. (b) Thank you for calling I am currently unavailable, please leave your name and number and I will return your call.

  2. The corporate look is not the look of a rockstar, pornstar, or rap star on television. Keep the tattoos in an area that is not visible to everyone. Keep your hairstyles conservative ladies. Unless you are working fulltime as an artist or creative career field then your hairstyle should reflect the corporate environment around you. Like it as not, as minorities, the reality is your decision of presentation could play an influence on future hires. It's not fair but it's the reality, so if you were hired with a straight bob and then show up with an Afro a few months later-that's not appropriate for many work environments. Unfortunately what you do has an influence on future hiring decisions made in the future. *Rule of thumb, do not attempt in appearance to be the exception to the environment.

  3. When you interact with people avoid conversations about race, religion, and politics. Even if you agree with other people you need to be mindful that not everyone shares your opinions and you don't want to contribute to a hostile environment. When approached about these subjects stick to general reply's such as: “That's been a hot topic of debate in the media lately.” “There have been many views expressed about that subject lately.” Did you notice with both these phrases it states the obvious without rendering opinion?

  4. Clothing should be appropriate for the environment. If you work in a conservative corporate environment your clothing should not fit snug on your body, your clothing should be pressed, and your image should reflect the brand. Wearing heels 6” high, low cut blouses, tight pants that appear that you are going to turn into David Banner from the Hulk and rip them open as soon as you sit down is not appropriate. Fully lined clothing results in a better fit and a tailored appearance. If you are working with a tight budget you can still find quality clothing at Marshalls, TJ Max, or Ross. Ross sells fully lined suites and ladies Calvin Klein pieces are often priced from $29.99-$49.99 and are fully lined pieces that look nice. If you can go to the club after work in your attire then your dress is most likely unprofessional and/or inappropriate. One must dress correct for your body type, not every wardrobe outfit is appropriate for every size and shape. If you have to pull your dress/skirt down every few seconds then it's most likely inappropriate for work.

Corporate Tips

The Effects and Questions

Why is this important?

Not presenting yourself in the best light, fitting the corporate image, will stifle your ability to be promoted and identified as a person with the opportunity to assume roles of greater responsibility. Do not expect large raises or opportunities for special projects because your lack of judgment appears to lack in important areas that are considered “the basics.” While people can not verbalize the “hidden requirements” of your career opportunity the corporate environment has a way of showing you what they applaud and do not applaud.

Why does it seem that some people never received the memo on corporate dress? Do you feel it's the parents job to set an example and/or impart the information to the child or is it the school systems responsibility? Do people seem to observe their work environment and blend in with the dress and attire of others? Do you believe your current human resources representative does a good job conveying information pertaining to corporate image and dress codes?

Appropriate corporate issues

Tips for Success list the hints of how to dress for success:

Expert Hints for Dress for Success for Men and Women

Attention to details is crucial, so here are some tips for both men and women. Make sure you have:

  • clean and polished conservative dress shoes

  • well-groomed hairstyle

  • cleaned and trimmed fingernails

  • minimal cologne or perfume

  • no visible body piercing beyond conservative ear piercings for women

  • well-brushed teeth and fresh breath

  • no gum, candy, or other objects in your mouth

  • minimal jewelry

  • no body odor

Dress For Success


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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      dressing up like a mob gives bad image, if you dress well, you are well received by others