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Drilling Fluids Engineer Salary

Updated on June 19, 2013

Drilling Fluids Engineer Salary

Want to find out how much drilling fluids engineers make? You’ve come to the right place. The following page highlights key facts about their current rates of pay. To start, we will detail their average entry level salaries before showing what they can earn with some experience. Thanks to great pay and excellent employee benefits, this is one job that can easily turn into a long term career. And since oil prices in the U.S. are now set to boom, it is a great time to get started in the industry. If you want to learn more about how to get a job in the field, scroll down to the last section of this page. (Note: Many Drilling Fluids Engineers have been able to make over $100,000 per year.)

Mud Engineer Salary -

What are the job requirements?

Entry Level Drilling Fluids Engineer Salaries

Starting salaries for entry level Drilling Fluids Engineers typically average around $68,000. Once they have proven themselves out in the field, most earn raises totaling close to $75,000. If you’re new to the specialty then this may sound pretty high, but Drilling Fluids Engineers can earn significantly more with some experience.

On top of the starting salaries described above, Drilling Fluids Engineers get great employee perks and work bonuses. Benefits like health insurance, pick-up trucks, and company expense cards are just some of the spoils known to come with the job. Employers even pay for Engineer’s travel expenses including plane tickets and rooms in hotels, because skilled employees can be hard to come by, especially out in the oil field.

Average Drilling Fluids Engineer Salaries

In the U.S. the average Drilling Fluids Engineer salary rounds out to $75,000. After gaining a bit of experience, most get promotions and go on to earn much more. As consultants they can easily earn over $100,000 per year by taking advantage of high paying opportunities in locations where their skills are most needed.

Apart from consulting are additional career paths for those who have gained some seniority. Field Supervisors and Technical Representatives hold respected positions in today’s drilling fluids companies. To be considered for these jobs you typically need to spend several years working for one employer, because loyalty is something rewarded in the field as it should be in any other industry. Aside from these more managerial positions, are opportunities to work offshore which are normally reserved for experienced Engineers although many have started their careers out at sea.

Job Requirements

Employers require entry level Drilling Fluids Engineers to go through a type of training program called Mud School. Although only a few Mud Schools are open, most last for just around one month. To learn more about training options in the industry, try clicking on one of the links below because it is a great time to get into the field and start a new career. (Note: Some training programs are found under the title of Drilling Fluids Engineer School.)

Ace Mud School - Drilling Fluids Engineer School

Topics Studied - Drilling Fluids Engineer School



Job Title Clarification

Starting salaries for Drilling Fluids Engineers are often understated online because income studies can incorrectly included mudlogger salary statistics. This is due to the fact that Drilling Fluids Engineers have a variety of titles, especially when compared to other oil rig jobs. Examples of alternative job titles for today’s Drilling Fluids Engineer include; Mud Engineer, Drilling Fluids Specialist, Field Service Representative, and Drilling Fluids Service Rep. If you are looking for more information that describes how their earnings are totaled, feel free to read my other HubPage that breaks-down the mud engineer salary in more detail. Things like day rates and per diem allowances are described to a greater degree in order to illustrate the different methods of compensation in today's fast growing drilling industry.

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Entry Level Drilling Fluids Engineer Salary Statistics
Entry Level Drilling Fluids Engineer Salary Statistics


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    • Mud Engineer profile image

      Mud Engineer 6 years ago from Texas

      Thanks for reading my article Colin. I did some digging and I found an old spreadsheet that breaks-down the pay scales for the second largest drilling fluids company in the industry. In 2006, with a base salary of $4,750 per month, drilling fluids professionals in the Gulf were being paid a $200 day rate. This means that they would likely earn $57,000 from salaries and an additional $36,000 from day rates for a total of $93,000 per year. Please take note that this is a quote for drilling fluids field professionals level 1, assuming that they were only spending 2 weeks on the rig per month. Also, this was back in 2006 so they are probably making more than $93,000 today, especially since salaries are negotiable. I would expect that many in the field are now earning much more.

    • profile image

      Colin 6 years ago

      I am trying to find some more detailed information about offshore drilling fluids engineer salaries. Do you have a breakdown of what their pay rates are in the Gulf of Mexico? I hear that there are a lot of opportunities now off the coast of Louisiana. If you could reply with any additional figures you have it would really help me out. Thanks for the article. It is well written.