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Drive Innovation Through Disruption

Updated on November 8, 2015

Traditional marketing revolves around the use of the following media:

  • Radio
  • Billboard
  • Print Ads
  • Television

This approach to messaging was controlled and rigid. With most sales campaigns traveling across a linear path starting with a company generating a campaign set for delivery to a target demographic:

In today’s hyper-connected modern work environment we are experiencing a high level of market disruption, which has splintered the traditionally rigid communication cycle -- that traveled along a linear path.

That is to say, marketing used to start with making the consumer aware of the product or campaign; with the hope that the client would consider purchasing the product.

Though the market has shifted – many professionals have yet to acknowledge the disruption and constant change we experience as new technology and social media outlets become trendy.

To bring about this change we will have to shift our collective thinking in respect to marketing and how we approach problem solving in the work place: Leader’s will not only have to acknowledge disruption – they will have to become disrupters.

Here are some ways you can start disrupting the status quo and start adopting a mentality that drives innovation by challenging antiquated systems:

Stay Current

New technology is adopted at a rapid pace in today’s market. This year alone we have seen the rise and fall of several different social media outlets. Contrary to years past – these changes are generally too sudden to predict or forecast.

Regular Scrums

By thin slicing problems and designating small teams/tasks to address individual activities/processes that impact the larger objective you are able to attack an activity on multiple fronts. Over time this will lead to sprint planning where you break teams up into aggressive task driven groups – or scrums – to address, revise and submit work towards a larger project.

Rapid Response

The landscape changes regularly and with high levels of change long term campaign centered strategy is not effective. Current trends require individuals to be highly adaptive planners who implement fluid strategy, which can be re-purposed to work on emerging social media outlets: across a plethora of social-centric platforms.

Continuing Education / Identify Trends

In the past, when an individual learned the core competencies associated with a position they could methodically work towards mastery. Now a days, the most effective leaders are constantly on the lookout for emerging trends, which will help them better address the pain points of their community and clientele.

Keep Your Community in Your Cross Hairs

Your audience is inundated with messages from an endless list of marketers. This tends to lead to a paralysis by analysis where consumers are unable to make a decision due to an overwhelming amount of options. The most effective teams measure and quantify all essential interactions with their core audience. This practice insures that they are able to keep community engagement high in a social environment that is vast across a variety of platforms and consumer-driven by design.

Grow or Die

Leaders who are unable to grow with the ever changing mobile landscape will quickly find themselves out of touch with trends and consumer expectations. Simply stated, effective leadership requires one to change with the market and implement systems that accommodate emerging technology.

Challenge Markets

Though we have seen a shift away from traditional methodology most industries have processes in place that are dated, and that are not right-fitted for your core customer base. That said, it is imperative that leaders act assertively once they have identified a new approach – better mousetrap – that will disrupt stagnant growth or flat profits.

Improve Experience

Being a disrupter is less an act of overt rebellion and more of an act of service to your community. If you are not thinking about what is best for the people who support your growth and development with every movement – then you are likely to struggle to find long terms success. The people who have supported your growth deserve the best experience that you have to offer without question or qualm.


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