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Drive Sales using Incentives

Updated on March 25, 2011

Whether you're poor or rich, famous or unknown everyone likes to get a special deal.  

It is human nature that we appreciate gift or something extra that we get for free, even how cheap that thing might be.  

If one brand of tooth paste gives you a free tooth brush we will go for it compared to the regular tooth paste that we have been using for years.

To drive sales, you could use gifts, added value bonus, gift certificates, coupons, discounts and contests as an incentives.

Gift as Incentives

In 1998, McDonald gave away  Ty's popular Teenie Beanies as freebies in their Happy Meal Promotion. By just including the popular plush toys as gift, McDonald's Happy Meal sales went up that year. 

Since the response was good, they continued to include  Ty's Teenie Beanie Babies  in their Happy Meal promotions in 1999, 2000 and 2004

The latest news they have teamed up again in 2009 to bring back Ty's Teenie Beanie Babies plush toys in their Happy Meal promotion. 

For the McDonald's 30th Birthday collection they will include a variety of the original Beanie Babies characters such as Chill The Penguin, Pico The Dog and other characters such as Ronald McDonald.

By giving away freebies which are sought after by kids and toy collectors, McDonald knows the pull factor of giving attractive gift.

Gift Certificates as Incentives

During holiday season / peak season attracting people to you mall is a no problem, but during January when the sales drop. How do you get people to your Mall?

To solve this dilemma, Virginia Coliseum Mall gave “Mall Gift Certificates” in four specific days in December, which the shoppers will get $10 gift certificates for every $150 they spent. 

But “the catch” is that the certificates must be redeemed in the first 15 days of January.  

Coupon as Incentives

Coupons is time honored savings which businesses provides for shoppers who collect and redeem the coupon during the time period.

To promote Discovery channel's Planitum Plus MasterCard usage, they used coupon as an incentive. Every time the credit card users purchases up to $ 1,500 using the credit card, they will sent $ 20 coupon.

Sometime, business owners collaborate to help each other's businesses. Shoppers at Liz Clairborne got point of sale coupons for a 15 % discount at Mikasa Factory Store which is nearby the Mall. This helps each other's businesses to grow.

Discounts as Incentives

To increase sales during low peak season hotelier normally will give discount and add in extra perks to make their offer attractive to potential guest.

Wyndham Hotels and Resorts Weekender promotion offers 50% off second consecutive night accommodation for two adults OR 50% off an additional room for the same night.  It is only available on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. 

By giving attractive discounts their guest might consider to stay to longer.

Contest as Incentives

Marketeers always know the power of contest to generate sales and brand awareness.  

Dulux is running “Count The Smiles Contest” to increase customers awareness about Dulux Low Odour, Low VOC health benefit.  

You just need to count the number of smiles, fill in your particular and write a nice definition about Happy Home.  

Customers who are attracted to the benefit of using Dulux paint, will use it in the future.

To sell their Might Ocean and Extreme Whether books, Reader's Digest come up with “Reader's Digest RM 750 000 Super Contest”. Anyone who purchased the books for RM 99 will have an opportunity to win the Super Grand Prize of up to RM 275, 000. 

With that amount of prize money on the table, it will drive most people to buy the books just to enter the contest. 

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Free Modem
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Better Financing
Reader's Digest Contest
Reader's Digest Contest
Dulux count the smile contest
Dulux count the smile contest


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