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Driving Traffic To Your Service Site

Updated on June 18, 2013

Driving traffic - SEO or PPC?

Driving traffic to your web based service site is one of the most, if not the most, challenging things you can do as a marketer. Usually, once you are able to drive targeted traffic to your business site, things are fairly straightforward. But indeed the one thing that many fail at is actually driving targeted, relevant traffic to their sites in the first place. Sure, SEO exists – but how many businesses are doing this, and how many hoops do you have to jump through to get anywhere near decent results? Indeed, that Is why more and more businesses are using PPC, and why I’m here to inform you that PPC for web based service sites can help you bring in a significantly larger amount of business than anything you have been doing up until now.

Let’s compare the pros and cons. The pros are that because you sell web based services – whether it be graphic design, SEO, web design or prints, the fact is that the people that you are targeting will 99.999% search Google for a potential business. Now, unless you are an expert (or have hired an expert in SEO) to maintain your site, the chances are that you are not going to be near the top of results for ‘graphic design’. So, what is your other option? Yes – PPC. The pro point of PPC is that you can hire an expert and see instant results – unlike SEO, which can take months to see any kind of movement. With a good PPC marketer, results will start coming through almost instantaneously, because your site will be at the top of all Google search results for your business. So, when somebody Googles graphic design and you are right there staring them in the face, the chances are their going to click on you. The other massive pro of PPC is that it is insanely targeted! You won’t be charged for people who don’t click on your link – only those that do, which means you are only paying for highly targeted consumers who are ready to buy your services! If you think about it, there is nothing as good as PPC – even television can’t narrow its demographics down like PPC can. As such, if you are serious about your web based business, and you are looking for a way to expand and gain new customers, then PPC is what you should be doing.

Now let’s look at the cons. After much time thinking, the only con is that it does require a good knowledge of keywords and the right amount to bid. However, this con is instantly blown away, because what you should be doing is hiring a PPC expert/consulting firm to handle it for you. This way, instead of wasting your time on trial and error, the PPC expert will know which keywords to bid for, can handle everything for you and you’ll see results instantly. Indeed, it really is an amazing away to market yourself, and if you do it right, PPC will reap amazing benefits.


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