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Driving Traffic to Your Website: 5 Ways That Work in 2017

Updated on June 29, 2017

Driving traffic to your website is a challenge in the insanely competitive world of today. Therefore, to succeed, you must go beyond SEO and content marketing. Find new, more creative ways of attracting people to your website.

5 Ways of Driving Traffic to Your Website in 2017

1. Answering Questions on Quora

Quora is an extremely popular Q&A website, especially in the US (37.9% of Quora users) and India (15.8%). However, there are people from all over the world mixing on this platform.

Launching an account for your business on Quora will give you a direct link to prospective customers. It will also allow you to promote and strengthen your brand. You can do this by answering their questions and linking answers to the content on your website.

Be as detailed as possible and reply quickly in order to make a positive impression.

2. Posting Video Tutorials on Social Media

According to statistics on HubSpot, 50% of Internet users today look up videos of the product they are interested in. Tutorials on how to use your products or services should grab their interest. Offering them for free will ensure that people can actually watch them.

Today, you can post short videos on all social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This type of content will be driving traffic more effectively than regular written guides, as video content has the best ROI. Be sure to launch a YouTube channel as well, because this network reaches more people in prime-time hours than cable TV.

3. Guest Posting

A good guest posting strategy is the key to effective link building, which is essential for good SEO. Search engine optimization is the main factor that draws traffic through Google. Therefore, guest posting must always be a part of your digital marketing strategy.

Be sure to pick the websites you post to wisely as you need to not only start driving traffic to your website. You have to ensure you are attracting the right kind of people for upping the conversion rate.

The websites you need must be relevant to your niche and have a high traffic.

4. Launching Free Online Courses and Webinars

To drive traffic to your website, you must offer people value. Written content is good and videos are better, but you should be more original. Free education is something that is sure to grab attention.

Your classes and webinars should be short so that people don’t lose interest. They also must be extremely informative to make learners want to return. You can launch your own courses on many platforms, for example, Udemy, Teachable, and FutureLearn.

5. Posting Valuable Content on Reddit

Reddit calls itself ‘the front page of the Internet’ and it’s definitely true as the website has over 540 million monthly visitors. It’s a discussion forum where content can be ranked and make it to the top of its section.

It’s a sure way of driving traffic to your website, but you’ll have to learn the Reddit guidelines for submissions. You might have to deal with some of the so-called ‘trolls’, who are common on any discussion forum. However, they actually provide you a chance to show off how reasonable you can be as a brand representative.

Driving Traffic to Your Website Through Constant Work

The most important thing about driving traffic to your website is to remain active at all times. The Internet is extremely fast-paced, so you must stay in tune with it and change your strategies along with the trends.

Quora and Reddit have been popular platforms for years, so they will help you achieve the desired results. Guest posting has been one of the linchpins of SEO and it’s sure to remain essential. Video is the hottest topic in marketing today and the number of people who prefer this form of content is growing by the day. Classes and webinars are less common, but they will help your business stand out and appeal to a wider audience.

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