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Drugs in the workplace

Updated on January 19, 2017
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Articles that I have written with social work in mind, to educate others, in hopes to lead better lives.

Job Orientation

The employee gets that job offer. In today's society this is no easy feat. The employer sends you for a drug test at their chosen establishment, or some may do it on premise, depending on the job. Some places give you the first initial drug testing and they don't require you to do random drug testing throughout the entire time you are employed. How do employers know that this urine isn't fake? I have overheard conversations that drug dealers now sell their clientele fake urine to pass their drug test to get hired, knowing full well that some establishments do not do random drug testing. How do employers know they are getting a quality employee? What kind of work ethic would that employee have if they pass off someone else's urine as their own?

Random drug testing a must

Jobs are getting harder and harder to find. Employers have the right to be more selective. Random drug testing should continue to take place while employed. At least, employers will know how important an employee's job is to them IF they stay drug free, and choose their job/career over their habit. There would be LESS injuries on the job. There would be more quality people, instead of those with a drug induced artificial personality. There would be less absences from work. The right people would be employed. The wrong people would, hopefully, clean up their act, go to rehab and remain drug free.


Drug testing, background checks, etc

I've been through quite a few background checks. You need a background check to do volunteer work. (I have volunteered for pee wee soccer leagues, at elementary schools, Girl Scouts, as a Guardian Ad Litem, County Animal Shelter. I did my internship on a Marine Base, and worked for a day care.)

Hearing about a drug bust too close to home, at a store no less. There is more than one reason why the drug bust happened outside of a store; run into the store, get your munchies, pick up drugs in the parking lot and head home. There are people that are working at the store that keep these drug dealers in business. This is the reason why WE NEED to have surprise drug testing. There would be less work accidents. What costs more - surprise drug testing, or the Workman's Comp that you will have to pay if there is an accident?

Random drug test day

I am sure if there was a random drug test day for each established company, it will open up more doors to those that are unemployed and have been trying to find work. Furthermore, it will give the addicts some time to detox, make the addict realize what is more important to them. Whether it be remaining gainfully employed, or their drug habit.

I guess for some people, they just need to shake things up a bit, if there is a drug dealer in their life.

Should their continue to be random drug testing during employment?

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