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Dubai Jobs for Filipinos 2015 | Direct Hiring and Recruitment

Updated on March 17, 2015

How to Get a Job in Dubai

A street in the district of Karama, home to thousands of Filipinos who work in Dubai.
A street in the district of Karama, home to thousands of Filipinos who work in Dubai. | Source

Jobs in Dubai, UAE are used to be available by direct hiring or through recruitment agencies in the Philippines. The process recently changed, however, so that overseas workers must work with a recruitment agency in the Philippines to process work permits.

Filipinos are not the only foreign workers who fly to Dubai and find jobs there. There are also thousands of Americans, Canadians, Indians, and British workers in Dubai. One reason for all of the foreign workers is that there are no income taxes in Dubai. It is possible to save much more money while working there.

Read on to find out exactly what you will need to find a job in Dubai, whether you work through an agency or go job-hunting on your own.

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Jobs for Filipinos in Dubai

There are many opportunities to work in Dubai. For both skilled and unskilled workers, there is a steady demand for employees in Dubai's sprawling metropolis.

Fields looking for unskilled workers include:

  • oil and petroleum industry
  • construction and carpentry
  • hotels and restaurants

Fields looking for professionals and skilled employees include:

  • hospitality administration
  • Internet technology
  • architecture and construction
  • engineering
  • interior design
  • accountancy
  • finance

Some Hot Spots to Work at Dubai

Burj Al Arab -- is a luxury hotel located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. At 321 m (1,050 ft), it is the second tallest building in the world used exclusively as a hotel. Burj Al Arab promotes itself as the world's only "7-star" property. It was buil
Burj Al Arab -- is a luxury hotel located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. At 321 m (1,050 ft), it is the second tallest building in the world used exclusively as a hotel. Burj Al Arab promotes itself as the world's only "7-star" property. It was buil | Source
Jumeirah Beach - a distinctive beach resort that pays homage to Arabian architecture and hospitality
Jumeirah Beach - a distinctive beach resort that pays homage to Arabian architecture and hospitality | Source

Get Your Documents Together

Whether you work through an agency or have contacts that help you find work in Dubai, you will need to pull together the following documents;

You will need originals and photocopies of your:

  • resume/CV
  • diploma
  • Transcript of Records (TOR)
  • certificates of past employment
  • certificates of trainings (related to the type of job you want)
  • NSO Authenticated birth certificate
  • NBI Clearance
  • TESDA Certificates, if needed
  • passport

Working With a Recruitment Agency

There are many POEA accredited recruitment agencies here the Philippines. They can be found In the bigger cities of Malate, Ermita, Makati, Edsa, Quezon City, and Manila. There are also some in the provinces.

Using an agency to go through the hiring process starts when you submit your resume and job requirements to the agency. Prospective employers will interview you either in person or via video call. After you were approved, the agency will process your documents and requirements with the POEA and in Dubai. They will arrange for your visa, working permit, plane tickets, and employment contract. You will have to pay a placement fee, which is usually equivalent to one month's salary or less.

Finding Work Through Direct Hire

Many Filipinos have friends or relatives who already work in Dubai and often those contacts can make job referrals. In this case, the friend or relative must arrange the job application and interview. If the employer likes you, they will send you your job contract and work permit. The employer will arrange your employment paperwork.

You will need all of the documents listed above. You must also arrange your own plane ticket, medical exam, and PDOS (Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar).

From anywhere else in the world you can search for jobs in Dubai. Here are two employment websites that I trust:

If You Job-Hunt in Dubai

If you are in Dubai and looking for a job you will need the same documents described above, plus a tourist visa.

I recommend applying for as many jobs as possible, because tourist visas are only good for 60 days, starting on the day you set foot in the UAE. This means you have 60 days to find a job. If you don't find one in that time, return to the Philippines and try your luck again another time.

How Much Money Will I Need to Stay While Job-Hunting?

Of course it's ideal if you have a friend or relative you can stay with while in Dubai. But if you don’t, these are the estimated costs of staying in city while looking for work:

  • bed – Dhs 500 – 750 (4-8 people in one room)
  • water and electricity – Dhs 60 – 100
  • food – Dhs 250 per month
  • bus fare – Dhs 1.50 minimum fare

To sum up, Dhs 2500 – 3000 will be enough for two months.

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    • profile image

      Ronald 7 months ago

      Hello Sir/Ma'am,I'm Ronald,from philippines 30 yeas old.i'm loking for job in dubai or macau as a service crew i have experience in fast food 2 years in saudi.i hope there is a vacancies.i am willing to work hard and learn for higher level.thank you and more power.

    • profile image

      Sheryl G.Aying 2 years ago

      hi, i am from philippines 28 yrs old im looking for a job hotel housekeeping,waitress ,restaurant food server and 2 years on call home service massage therapist. i have also passing NCII CERTIFICATES related of this course. im also graduate 2 years course HRS (Hotel Restaurant Services) i have also done on the job trainings in the restaurant ,and cruise .. but i dont have experience 2 YEARS of my course HRS.. i hope there are willing to work hard, hers my contact number 09994793248. and my email; .god bless

    • profile image 2 years ago

      Sir/Madam, I'm Rowena, I'm a teacher and I had been an experienced for 16 years in teaching. 8 years in the Philippines and 8 years also in Dubai. I'm looking for a school who are in direct hiring. Hoping for immediate response. Thanks......

    • profile image 2 years ago

      hai,i am looking for a job in dubai preferably direct hire ,bcuz i dont have enough money to finance my trip .

      i am 26 years old

      i am a massage therapist and facial therapist in( salon ciudad d baguio in spa)

      almost 5 years in spa,i hope u can help me

      thank u,god bless.

    • profile image

      Francisco G. Rosal jr. 2 years ago

      good day maam/sir im looking for a job in dubai ..anything that i can apply im 29 yrs.graduated of 3yrs academic course in bachelor of science in marine si my contact # 09754583136 hope you can help me thanks..

    • profile image

      Wood Investment Company 2 years ago


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      Fill below if you are interested in our offer.

      (1) Full Names:

      (2) Contact/Mailing Address:

      (3) State/Country:

      (4) Amount needed as loan)

      5) Loan duration:

      (6) Occupation:

      (7) Cell-Phone number:

      (8) Monthly Income:

      Wood Investment Company (W.I.C)

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    • profile image

      finding a work at salon in dubai 2 years ago

      Im bernadette dingcol .. im out of philippine .. im working here now in lebanon as a nail technician in one salon .. i want to find a new work in dubai .. i want to exit country .. bcos i gonna be finish my contract this september 18 .. if someone need a employee in salon in dubai .. im so interested .. i will leave my contact number.. +96170765734 .. thank u nd im hoping someone can hired me in dubai



    • profile image

      sheryl 2 years ago

      hi. i'm a teacher in the Philippines with 13 years of experience in the field of education. Can you help me find a teaching job? thank you and more power.

    • profile image

      Jeffrey 2 years ago

      Hi, I am interested to work as a nurse in hospital or clinics in Dubai.

      I am currently working in Singapore and willing to transfer if given opportunity. I have also obtained Masters Degree in Nursing which I can be also of help in doing administrative works. Thank you , hope to hear from this soon. (

    • profile image

      Virgilio Mendaruz 2 years ago

      hi! I am interested to work in dubai I have an experience in working in hotels, asst. cook, housekeeping, hotel attendant and dining, also in sales I experience working in an Insurance agency for a year.

      I have a good communication skills, I can communicate to different type of person effectively.

      if you will give me a chance heres my number. #09069340105

    • profile image

      Walgren Gatchalian 2 years ago

      Hello please email me at Thank you.

    • profile image

      Jeffreld C. Rigon 2 years ago

      Hi sir/mam..I want a job for the position of Site Civil Engineer. I am currently here now in Dubai, tourist visa. I have already 6 years experienced of my profession, 3 years in Philippines and 3 years in Saudi Arabia.

      Kindly email me at

      Thank you very much and have a nice day..

    • profile image

      Rhoda Hermosa 2 years ago

      Hi, good day. i want to work in Dubai. i have experiences in Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, Customer Service related jobs, cashiering and Education. i am a graduate of Bachelor in Education and completed my academic requirements in Master of Arts in Public Administration here in the Philippines. Thank you. pls. contact through my email ad:

    • profile image

      Enrico E. Banaag 2 years ago

      Hi Ma'am / Sir

      Im looking a job in Dubai. im a graduate in Bachelor of Science in Computer Science currently employed in computer school as Admission Officer i hope you can find me a job there here is my email address cp # 0932-7629-286 tnx u very much

    • profile image

      san bautista 2 years ago

      Hello! I am Saniata G. Bautista, a BS Information Technology graduate. Currently, I’m working in a University as an Administrative Aide for almost 2 years. I’m looking for a job in Dubai. I hope you can help me to find a job. Here’s my email address . Thank you in advance.

    • profile image

      Prakash 2 years ago

      Hi Sir/Ma'am,

      Good day!

      I'm looking for a job in dubai (direct hiring). I am a bachelor's degree in B.COM holder and have experience in Finance & Accounts . I hope to find job here.

      Here you can contact :

      Thank you!

    • profile image

      Rechel 2 years ago

      hi!!im Rechel Montano..from Negros Occidental..City of looking for a job & willing to go work!!hope u can help me & reach me in this number 09292610338..tnx

    • profile image

      Matthew Ohene Ayim 2 years ago

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      Please are a company base in Ghana and we help people to travel

      worldwide especially Dubai and Saudi Arabia countries for job

      opportunities, we came across your advert on daleeli

      Kindly reply me and we will see how we can do more businesses, as we

      can provide as many workers of all angles for you if you issue visa

      and ticket for workers.

      We have many workers such as Maids, Drivers both company drivers and private Drivers, Caterers, Security guards, Secretaries, fork lift repairers, caterpillars and generator repairers, Cleaners both men and women, Mechanics, Masons, Carpenters, Electricians, Building glass fabricators and many more.

      So we want your reply as to how you want your cv or application done so we can send all to you. Thanks very much. Contact +233262400986 you can call or whatsap or you can reply by email

      Hope yo hear from you very soon


    • profile image

      Sharin Bibanco 2 years ago

      Good day Sir/Ma'am,

      I want to work in Dubai, I hope that you can help me. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy with 7 months experience as Accounting Assistant (Accounts Payable).

      Feel free to email me at

    • profile image

      edison de leon 2 years ago

      i am already here in dubai as tourist, how can i find a job related in furniture carpentry or carpenter

    • profile image

      reny malazarte 2 years ago

      good morning mom,, my neme is reny malazarte

      my occopation is tile setter

      5years expierince in reyadh saudi arabia

      can u help this job foor me

      my #,, 09330194277

      my ,,email..

    • profile image

      joann estrada 2 years ago

      to whom it may concern,

      gud evening i need a work from abroad please help me.apparently im working in the printing in pangasinan almost 5 years as a secretary,but im only graduate in highschool at average of 91 percent.

      please read my comments thank you.

      ill wait for your txt thank you again

      contact no. 09097747174

    • profile image

      trekert 2 years ago

      This is not an recruitment agency or an employer. This is a blog or an article that gives some information for filipinos who wants to work in dubai. I am one of those people who desprately wants to work in dubai however as what i have seen in the comments some ae giving their personal informations knowing that this is not a recruitment agency or an employer. I hope that some people must understand the article first before giving comments. By the way thanks for these wonderful information it is a big help.

    • profile image

      charlie Aguinaldo 2 years ago

      thank you for these....more power.

    • profile image

      jaymarck calderon 2 years ago

      Hi ser/maam please read my post

      Good day im wiling to apply im 22yrs. Old im from philipines im a undergraduates in high school but i have 2 work expirience 1st work expirience is caitering 1yr expirience and 2nd work expirience is cellphone technician 2yrs. Expirience please ser/maam i neee job in abroud any job ser/maam.

      Here my contact.


      Cell mumber: 09495466202

      Please read my post ser/maam.

      Tnx more power all and god bless us.

      Think positive.

    • profile image

      jaymarck calderon 2 years ago

      Hi ser/maam please read my post

      Good day im wiling to apply im 22yrs. Old im from philipines im a undergraduates in high school but i have 2 work expirience 1st work expirience is caitering 1yr expirience and 2nd work expirience is cellphone technician 2yrs. Expirience please ser/maam i neee job in abroud any job ser/maam.

      Here my contact.


      Cell mumber: 09495466202

      Please read my post ser/maam.

      Tnx more power all and god bless us.

      Think positive.

    • profile image

      jaymarck calderon 2 years ago

      Hi Ser/Maam

      Im willing to apply work abroud im a 22yrs old im not grad in high school bat im lot of expirience my expirience is cellphone technician software and hardware and waiter please read my post ser/maam please i need job in abroud pleasee

      Here my email :

      And here my cell number : 09495466202

      Please cantact me tnx and more power all guys god bless us.

    • profile image

      jimmy villegas 2 years ago

      Hello sir/madam,

      I'm jimmy villegas 29 years old I'm willing to work abroad in your good company I have a 7 years experience working in manila as a technical installation and pipe fitter. I have enclose my certification for tesda .

      If you give me a chance to work in your good company i will bring you the best through my study, experience and ability to work.

      This is my email add.

      And my cellphone number


      Thank you very much .

    • profile image

      JERWIN DOMENS 2 years ago


      My name is Jerwin Domens and i am willing to work in dubai.

      i have my wife's relatives there in Ras Al Khaimah. I am 20 years old

      i am a college graduate and i have taken Bachelor of Technology Major in Automotive.

      I am willing to do nightshift as well as dayshift.

    • profile image

      carmelita ocampo 2 years ago

      Im interested to work in dubai..Please advice....


    • profile image 2 years ago

      sir/mam Good day I'm Mary joy amar pingol I'm looking for Job this is my ofsion Massage therapy spa Salelady mall food service dishwasher I hope can you give me a change to show my talent my experience to serve a millions customer people come in your company I want to improved my skill and be a part of your company . this is my opportunity and show my ability new knowledge thank you I'm seriously have a nice day

    • profile image

      Ian Richie Limquiaco 2 years ago

      Hi I'm Ian Richie Limquiaco, 27 yrs old. I'm Culinary Graduate and has 2years experience and looking for job as Commis Chef. Thanks.

      Here's My contact no. 09353612814

    • profile image

      Troy Mance 2 years ago

      Good day.

      I am interested to work in dubai.

    • profile image

      abid ali 2 years ago

      hello sir

      my name is abid ali.i belong from pakistan. i work in any jobs company

      waiter,room service, helper , cleaners , dishwasher ,packing. .i need work

      visa company. i send ur my CV passportcopy and visa dubai . last time

      visit dubai serach the hotel job. u response me .u send me visa and

      ticket .i come ur hotel attend the start job. i hope u gave me one

      chance sir. my email id and skype id

      abid.ali4705 .my cell no 00923314080302 / 00923014234426. i waiting ur

      good answer me as soon as . thanks

    • profile image

      MarlonJ.Parfan 2 years ago

      Good day Ma'am/Sir,

      I'm 30 y. old now, 4 yrs. course graduate and looking work at Dubai.

      Can you help me? any king of work.



    • profile image

      Roada 2 years ago

      Sir / Ma'am,

      I am Roada Buendia, 38 years old, graduate of AB MAss Communication and I also studied Caregiver Course. I am interested and willing to work in Dubai. I previously worked in a Hotel as Sales and Account Executive. A Medical Representative, Customer Service Assistant, Marketing Specialist and Administrative Clerk. I am currently employed in a Hospital as Information Clerk and Switchboard Clerk. I am hoping that this will help me land a job in Dubai. Thank you very much and more power.

      My email address is

      You can reach me in these numbers: 09460359876 / 09279538700

    • profile image

      grace marimon 2 years ago

      Good morning Ma’am/Sir.

      Have a nice day.I'm Grace S. Marimon 24years old BS Agroforestry .I’m willing to apply any vacant position in Dubai.

    • profile image

      David dela cruz 2 years ago

      Good day maam/sir,im david dela cruz 24 years old i want to work in dubai,i have 4years working experience in qatar as a sales executive/werehouse coordinator/driver...i have also qatar draving licence and i know how to speak arabic thankyou and godbless.

    • profile image

      maryrose ebuen 2 years ago

      Hello, Im Mary Rose Ebuen 23yrs of age graduated DS Accountancy. Im looking for a job in Dubai and for the past 3yrs have experience Accounting Staff. I hope you can help me to find a job. here's my contact details email address Thanks.

    • profile image

      Johnmark 2 years ago

      Hi I'm interested to work in Dubai i'm 21 yrs/old and may working expirience na po ako sa kitchen. gusto ko po mag trabaho sa dubai as kitchen helper. sana po mabasa nyo po to. email me:

    • profile image

      Rasmia Ali 2 years ago

      Hi I am looking for a job as a Medical Receptionist or Customer service.

    • profile image

      Jherome 2 years ago

      Hi Sir/Ma'am,

      Good day!

      I'm looking for a job in dubai (direct hiring). I am a bachelor's degree in IT holder and have experience in sales and purchasing. I hope to find job here.

      Thank you!

    • profile image

      jumarencio trinidad 2 years ago

      hi! good day I!m jumarencio 22 years old willing to work in dubai i hope you can help me to find a job. i 'm graduated hotel restaurant have work experience my own bakery my special skell driving, cooking, baking and computer literature. my no 09275975943/8224772/5143382.thanks.

    • profile image

      Richard 2 years ago

      Hi. I really want to work in Dubai or Qatar as a customer service representative. I am a graduate of BS Education but all of my work experiences for the past 3 years are in the Call Center Industry as a Customer Service Representative/Sales Rep. 09300514089 is my contact number and email is Thanks in advance

    • profile image

      john celeste 2 years ago

      Sir/mam i realy want to work in uae/abu dhabi/dubai.i have a 4years work experience in first 2years i was a structural fabricator and my secon 2years is steel fixer which in the same location in kingdom of saudi arabia.for now im looking for a job as a structural welder is my contact number 09062778370/09276260907

    • profile image

      john celeste 2 years ago

      Hi i want to work in dubai.i have a 2yrs work experience in kingdom of saudi arabia as a structural fabricator.with a secondary skills of

    • profile image

      michelle hurtada 2 years ago



    • profile image

      Argie 2 years ago

      I have experience as a store manager in Riyadh Saudi Arabia . I want to work in Dubai pls help me I can handle and manage a store !!! 09479668669 my email ! Thanks

    • profile image

      Renato C Malonzo Jr. 2 years ago

      hello sir/ Mam i am willing to work in dubai im working now here at malayasia in johnny rockets as all around server cook barista .Here's my email tnx a lot.

    • profile image

      gyang senarillos 2 years ago

      Hi Sir/Maam.

      I have an experience as a flower arranger,sales,cashier,gift design and chocolate design for more than 2 yrs before in UAE.Can you help me find a job,I need to go back to work now badly.I can speak both English and Arabic.Thank you..# 00639276720614

    • profile image

      Kasey jean salangsang 2 years ago

      Hi im a icu nurse willing to go to dubai if any hospital or home care in need. Dha passer. Email: thanks

    • profile image

      jm mercader 2 years ago

      Hi im willing to work in dubai. I am customs graduate and i am 27 yo. My recent work was a document processor of import and export and has knowledge when it comes to documentation, processing, literate in computer as well. Thanks 09154009230

    • profile image

      Michael Murillo 2 years ago

      Hi I'm Michael Murillo and I'm willing to work in dubai.i have a 4yrs experience in maintenance technician and 1yr experience in maintenance supervisor in food manufacturing company (Universal Robina Corporation) and now im work in baby food company,the only baby food company in the philippines (Agribioscience incorporated) please help me to find job in dubai that fit to my job experience.

    • profile image

      norijune 2 years ago

      Hi, good day, im norijune asiga 28yrs old-accounting management graduate and currently working in a mining industry as Accounts Payable Processor.may length of experience is above 6 years. Im willing to work in Dubai for any vacant position that fits on my qualification. here my email :

    • profile image

      franz aguinaldo 2 years ago

      Hi sir/maam,pls help me find a kind employer in dubai..I worked in singapore for a domestic is my hp #+639169901502..thank you

    • profile image

      ERIKA 2 years ago


    • profile image

      Kate 2 years ago

      Hi im kate ...i am willing to work in dubia but i have no relatives there but i have somefriends .....working dubia i hope you help me ....wla din akong current expireince...ok lng po

    • profile image

      Arsenio D Arreglo 2 years ago

      Hi good day I'm Arsenio willing to work in dubai.. I've been in qatar for a couple of month as a pascades specialist on dukhann palace, i am a person who values hardworks and responsible, flexible and dedicated..

    • profile image

      michael timagos 2 years ago

      Hello mam/sir, im michael timagos. i am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Major in Animal Science. i have experience working at Agriculture Office for how many years. and also i have experienced any kind of work even not related with my course like SALESMAN, RESTAURANT, CALL CENTER (offline support) and last at custom the same time, i am a community leader and sports organizer. and i am very willing to work abroad specially in DUBAI..please help me! thank you & godbless! my email add- my mobile number-09198188828

    • profile image

      Rajah Cornelius 2 years ago

      Hi ,

      I need one long time domestic help and details as below.Can you please help in finding one.We just don't want Indians and I believe domestic help from Phillipines are very good as they are sincere hardworking and committed but would be great to have a morally sound person.

      House Maid-Dubai-Urgent-initial Salary Rs 1100 Aed/month+Visa+Free accomodation(seperate bedroom+wardrobes+bathroom)+food+medical+personal belongings+telephone+air tickets,Leave 1 month every two years with air ticket and leave salary,salary increment every 2 years once.For a Christian Indian Family of 4,boy 12 yrs and girl 9yrs.Candidate should be lady maid and should speak english .Should do house work and take care of kids.husband travels internationally ,wife works 6-6 ,so need to take care of kids.should need to dress bit conservatively at home.should be morally sound and stay for long time.age between 28-42 yrs,preferable people with less family commitments who needs a real family to be part of.their future will be taken care if real commitment shown to kids.its a real opportunity then .

      Warm Regards

      Rajah Cornelius

    • profile image

      marlon carandang 2 years ago

      Im ex abroad in maaden aluminium company at saudi arabia as furnace me to find job in dubail this is my contact 09357028751

    • profile image

      Nitesh Rajput 2 years ago

      Hi Sir,

      I am Nitesh and having total experience for 5 years. I am looking job in dubai whichever is related to my profile. So please assist me to getting arrange my interview with employers. My contact no. 919423681228 and

    • profile image

      ALJOLYN 2 years ago

      Hi ma'am/sir. I am Aljolyn Luceños 20 years old, Philippines. I'm looking for a job that will fit on my field. I'm taking up Bachelor of Science in Hotel Restaurant and Technology currently in my 4th year level. I'm planning to have my work after graduation in DUBAI. I'm currently having On-the-job training now at Cebu Parklane International Hotel. I already have a 1 year work experience before when I was in my 2nd year college at a resto bar as a receptionist/cashier but i wasn't able to get a work certification of it. I already have a passport. I hope your positive reply. Thank you.

      contact #09361144133

    • profile image

      Dominica B. Almayda 2 years ago

      Good Afternoon, Ma'am/Sir. I'm looking and searching for a job vacancy particularly in Dubai. I am currently working as Office Staff in one of the Banks here in the Philippines. Please give me update by reaching at 09300862337.

    • profile image

      abid ali 2 years ago


      my name is abid ali . i belong from pakistan. i work in hotel waiter, room serivce and lady body massage . u response me . i come ur hotel work in full time . i hope u give me one chance sir, my email id and my cell no +923014234426 . i waiting ur good answer me sir. last time visit visa dubai .search the job hotels drop the CV.

    • profile image

      roel 2 years ago

      Im Roel working as a Quantity Surveyor I got a considerable years of experience for this job in Singapore and Middle East , Now Im here in Philippines I am interested to work in Dubai Please email me at Thank you and good day

    • profile image

      crissia may Molina 2 years ago

      Good evening mam/ sir.nag hahanap po ako ng work my skills is massage therapy work in spa.msg naman po kyo Sakin if me run kayong available thanks po.!

    • profile image

      jackelyn buendia 2 years ago

      Good day! I would love to work in Dubai and heared that a lot of opportunities in this country. Hope i may have the opportunity to work in Dubai. I am a skilled worker here in the Philippines especialized in office staff and data encoder works.her my contact number. 09195064790 and my email address.

      God bless!!

    • profile image

      Glaiza Tan 2 years ago

      I am 23 yrs old i am looking for job in dubai base. Almost 1 yr experienced in hotel industry as a front liner officer and i also work 1 yr 7 mons as receptionist in can phone me at 09478028695 i am looking for an interview and prelimenary examinations thankd for viewing dis comment.

    • profile image

      roselle 2 years ago

      To: Sir/ma'am,

      Hi I'm Roselle 37 yes old I am willing to work in Dubai. I've been a lot of work experience including in hotel . I can say that I can do any kind of work . ive been work as a housemaid in Qatar last 2012-2015 of March. I finished my contract. It's like I can do all around work.... You can email me.on this add

      Thank you.... Have a great day

    • profile image

      hi im sheryl 2 years ago

      wanted to work in dubai to.. i have experience in factory and sales representative.. my email here

    • profile image

      jonas 2 years ago

      hi sir/maam,

      im jonas a abejo from philippines but im currently working now in saudi riyadh a sales representative and office assistant in PASTRYS AND SWEETS SHOP and many to mention in my past exprience in working.. my contract here is 2 years no vacation at all.and MY contract is almost finish here in saudi i have 5months left going back to phil..but i want to apply in DUBAI UAE.actually we are 2 person looking for a work in advance to dubai is there any you can suggest as a good company in dubai?heres my email you God bless you

    • profile image

      Rafael M. Brebano Jr 2 years ago

      I am 27 years old graduate of computer science 4 years seeking for job in experience is IT staff, Data service Assistant.

      Pls help me to find a job...thank you...

      My contct number is 09272976011

    • profile image

      JACKIE 2 years ago

      hello, im looking forward for this, i hope you can help me to find a job in dubai, not really related to my previous work as long as i can handle the job i am graduated hotel restaurant and tourism management, have work experience for 2 contracts.

    • profile image

      lolita cagang 2 years ago

      Hi have a good day.i have lot of exp.working in mall like salesckerk and promo.and my latest exp im working in apartelle as frontdesk staft and then a a room girl.before im working in japan. Now im qelling to try to work in me09284954836 .godbless

    • profile image

      john leo demate 2 years ago


      hi i am a person with pleasing personality and good looking,i want to find a job in dubai any kind of job with related to my previous job,im working as a a production operator and i want to enhance my skills and ability,im working for almost 5years.

      i hope you will accept my letter and give me a chance to work in a beautiful country of dubai.

      just txt me at 09185278036/09067721113 or just email me at oelnohj@yahoo.con.....thank you and godbless to all of you.

    • profile image 2 years ago

      HI! SIR/MAM..

      I'm Elton i want also to work in dubai as a waiter,food server and kithen staff in hotel or restaurant. IM GRADUATED OF 4 YEARS COURSE BSHRM.i have experience in OJT ONLY FOR 6 MONTHS in kuala lumpur last 2013.

      THIS IS MY # 09994483785. TNX

    • profile image

      Sharon 2 years ago

      Good Day!

      Im an Industrial Engineer but i have work experiences in different fields like Sales, Purchasing, Export and Manufacturing. I am flexible, dedicated, hardworking and a multitasking person. I have been in Taiwan and Qatar for work. I am open for a "change" and always willing to grow with the company. Any country, any industry and any position is always been a challenge to me.

      I can be reach at my cp +63 923-164-9355 for more details.

      Best regards,

    • profile image

      saturnino vasquez 2 years ago

      Hi.. i'm saturnino willing to work in dubai

      28 yrs.old. im a graduate of BSHRM. 4 yrs. Experience as a roomboy and 3 yrs. Experience as a waiter. I have already undergone trainings and seminars workshop at department of DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM..

      My #. 09484208827

    • profile image

      Alejandre G Tingle Jr 2 years ago

      Hi Mam/Sir

      Good Day Im automotive mechanic within 4 years and i want to aplay to any vacant in dudai ths my cell # 09152672096

    • profile image

      Shiji 2 years ago

      Hi,i am willing to work in dubai as beautician. My email is

      Thank you

    • profile image

      Ruby 2 years ago

      Hi sir/mam,

      I'm willing to work in dubai 31 years old, Undergraduate in BSBA, Trained in TESDA front office NCII, Over 2 years experience as a Service Crew in Sultanate of Oman.+639174045810.

    • profile image 2 years ago

      Hello ,I am looking for a job in dubai ,my name is Cresilda panares BSHRM graduate and I am 30 years of is my phone no.09126137205

    • profile image

      Annabelle Laraya 2 years ago

      Hi Sir/Ma'am,

      Good day! I'm also interested to apply in Dubai. Here's my email add is

      Thank you!

    • profile image

      Rowena Garrido 2 years ago

      Hi Sir/Ma'am,

      Good day! I'm also interested to apply in Dubai. Here's my contact number 09491277433 and my email add is

      Thank you!

    • profile image

      Princess Madrid 2 years ago


      Im willing to work in dubai im Highschool Graduate. Any vacancy thank you..

      this is my cellphone # 09155156961

      and my emailadd:

    • profile image

      emil calonge 2 years ago

      good evening! I am EMIL A. CALONGE and I willing to work at DUBAI....graduate in vocational course..I hope you can help me to final a work..any work i willing to do..thanks youmy # +639054658688

    • profile image

      Jam 2 years ago

      Good morning . I am Jam and I am willing to work in dubai as office girl. I am 36 yr old. Just text me .+639209673768 or Just email me

    • profile image

      Mc Candaza 2 years ago


      good eve im willing to work in dubai im undergrad in highschøol . Any vacancy thankyou this is my contact number 09430342503

    • profile image

      JOHNNY G.ARTURO 2 years ago

      good day mam/sir,im willing o work in dubai as a driver (company,family,or even a taxi driver),im a driver in ninoy aquino internatiol airport as tourist driver i have lot experience in drving tourist passengers to drop off on their destrination.i glad to work in dubai to help my family for their everyday needs so please help me

    • profile image 2 years ago

      Hi..Ma'am ,sir...I'm willing to work in dubai.. I applying company driver...hope you can help me.thankyou.. # 09217960156

    • profile image

      JOYLAN RETAZO 2 years ago

      hai im JOYLAN RETAZO 25 years of age..willing to work in dubai..

      Graduate of COMPUTER COURSE ,hope you can help me to find work..

      any work will # is 09359039918

    • profile image

      Ike Indemne 2 years ago

      Hi to all!

      I'm in the field of Occupational Safety & Health and an accredited Safety Practitioner by DOLE-NCR Philippines.

      Like many others, I want to work in Dubai and other countries to share my expertise in ensuring safety of the workplace.

      You can reached me at my cellphone no. 0917-983-5227.

      Many thanks,


    • profile image

      angelica navor 3 years ago

      Hello,I'm angelica navor 28 years old willing to work in dubai,I'm undergraduate, I'm working her in Philippines as a housemaid #09172008830

    • profile image

      roselle 3 years ago

      hi im roselle sanchez 43 yrs old and works at a manpower agency as a office staff with my position as a Documents and Records staff but im hoping to try my luck to work in dubai Im a Bachelor Degree Holder,im efficient, Hardworking person.Please help me to find a job related to my experience.I was hoping that direct hire could help me. Thank and God Bless here is my contact number 09272849771.

    • profile image 3 years ago

      Hi i graduated bachelor of science in hoapitality management i have experience in fast food as service crew and cashier ,resorts world as banquet in f&b dept.arcade games as a cashier/redemptiom,assistant manager in steel trading.can u me to find a job in dubai thank u 27 yrs old looking for work on hotel or resorts

    • profile image

      good afternoon maam/sir 3 years ago

      good day im mrs.marie fe omaging im undergrad of a mom wth one son..and im a hardworking a florist on my parents shop..but im willing to work abroad .i can do some stuff like cleaning,cooking,and some other household work...i can work overtime due to my potential..thats all thanks i hope their is a nice work awaits for no.09081356929

    • profile image

      ferdcel chavez 3 years ago

      hi sir im welling to apply as waiter im fresh graduate of BSIt major in food preparation and services .plz in form me im qualified here my number 09497710070

    • profile image

      princes rivera 3 years ago

      hi... im looking for a job in dubai..i am 1st year undergraduate of bachelor science in business administration...and please help me to find a job in dubai...this is my number. (+639081733995) thank you! :)

    • profile image

      CECILLE ADAYA 3 years ago

      hi..i am a public school teacher in the philippines. i'm planning to teach in dubai in the future if chances will come.

      i have taught for 7 years in private school and this is my 3rd year in teaching in public school. i am teaching mathematics and TLE at junior high school.i am a graduate of bachelor of industrial technology and a passer of licensure examination for teachers. i took up 36 units in master of arts in education major in mathematics teaching.

      can you help how to start finding opportunity to teach in dubai?

      thanks in advance for your help...

      God bless you.

      contact # 09253134829



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