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Dubizzle Dubai where world comes to get jobs

Updated on April 19, 2016

Dubizzle Dubai is the number one classified site in Dubai, the best thing about our site is that we don't need people to register to our site. We don't need subscribers or Facebook likes. We are purely working for providing jobs in Dubai and all over the world.

A part from that we use to contact directly to the companies in Dubai and get the plans of their hiring. Currently jobs related to Sales and Administration are over the top. People are coming to Dubai in Summers which we think is not a good idea as hiring executives are out of country for enjoying summers yet Dubizzle Dubai believe that still indoor jobs related to sales and merchandisers are available. We are planning to launching Dubizzle Dubai app so that people can more easily access to the page easily. Normally other sites are not so much friendly with mobiles that is why people prefer visiting those sites which are user friendly or mobile friendly

Dubizzle jobs are widely accepted through out middle east for accuracy and perfect information. Like other sites Dubizzle Dubai don't need registration or uploading your CV and keep you waiting and wasting your days on Visit, instead we use to provide you the direct emails and contact numbers of the companies.

Since start, we have developed such a site in which a person can easily visit and get the best job of his choice. Most of the people find it difficult to register and upload their CV and wait for long. Since the start of EXPO 2020, lots of new companies are enrolling in Dubai, many new companies are opening their businesses in Dubai. Tourism is and will be over the top in coming year. Huge amount of people going to visit Dubai from different countries and spending time and enjoying summers in Dubai.
Limousine business is creating huge difference in Dubai, people flocking from different countries and booked the cars on rent for many days and increasing the sales of all companies. Along with this hotel businesses are also increasing enormously, keeping in view the limousine business, hotel authorities use to contract with different companies for providing limousine services to different customers from different countries.
Dubizzle Dubai play a very important part in adding jobs related to hospitality and sales so that people will get the active jobs status 24x7. Jobs related to medicine are not so much offered in Dubai as there are few hospitals in dubai which have got the local doctors.


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