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Be a Distributor of 1Bro, Start your own Business Now! Start Eloading Business In your Town...

Updated on July 14, 2015

Dealership Package


1 BRO Global

1 BRO Global Incorporated is a marketing company in the Philippines that is a provider of infinite growth and possibilities to its members, through its steadfast e-loading system and very robust business model, that brings prosperity to the lives of its members and their families, with excellence to local and regional markets.

E-LOADING BUSINESS ( all networks with only 1 sim )

DEALER - P3,988

a. Member's ID

b. Insurance

c. Dealer's Guide

d. Retailer's Guide

e. Forms and Tarpauline

f. Personal Website Account

g. Unlimited Retailer Activation worth P200 each


a. Retailer's Guide

b. Website Activation

c. Personal Website Account

D. P300 pesos load wallet

Compensation Plan

a. Sell E-loads or personal lifetime discounts.

b. Unlimited retailer's sign up.

c. Override Bonus.

d. Direct Referral Bonus.

e. Indirect Referral Bonus.

f. Pairing Bonus

g. Leadership Overriding Bonus.

Where And How to be a Dealer/Retailer?

Contact any person from the management for more details.

Join us in 1BRO Global Inc. and with your small capital P3, 988 together we will turn your DREAMS into REALITY. This is the best business for your family where all of you using preapid load and the good news are you are earning while enjoying the discount and endorsing the product to every local and global pinoy families.

To learn more about the dealership program and the dealer compensation plan, submit your info now and we’ll get back to you shortly to set an agreed appointment.

~1God 1Family 1Bro

If you are interested to have your own business, this is the best business for you.

Please contact me now!!!

Tr Lyn -

Why you wanna put up your own business?

The best reason is to be rich. Butwhen you are just starting in the business you will not get rich quickly as you expected. When starting a business with great earning potentials like 1Bro, you must be eager to work for success. How?

You need to study your business, be knowledgeable and confident. You have trust in God and focus in mind and determination to achieve your goals. Choose the best leader that is supportive and who has concern for your success too. You need to be willing to be open minded, a positive thinker, ready to listen to your leader aswell as with co-members and also share your success or experience to others.

Is this Legit or Scam?

Yes this is Legit!!! and No this is not a scam...

Do not listen to other people saying that this is a scam because they are just competitors and who are negative in life. People who are not positve and just happy to destroy others can not reach success at all. In 1Bro, we already produced millionaires and they are still in the industry trying to help people to start their new life to succeed and they train people by giving seminars and trainings on how to handle the business so they will become a millionaire in a short period of time. Of course using your hardwork and the team helping hands.

Scam is just collecting money from you and promising a good return without even working. We are not like that if you are thinking that our company is a scam then you need to learn more about our company.Do not just judge the company by listening or concluding to what you saw and read on the internet, you need to study the comapny profile first before you decide or even give reviews and comments about us. In the first place, we never harm people so we expect for a just and fair treatment in mentioning our company as if we already committed a crime even without doing anything illegal at all. We are all hardworking people here who seek for future wealth to enjoy life having both time and finacial freedom.

The mentality of the filipinos nowadays with crab mentality and jealousy is not a good sign of a person who wants a success in life. To change your life is to start doing it and please don't stop for a change because this is the only mentality of a successful person.Change your lifestyle now.

If the opportunity comes your way and you are looking for a business, do not waste your time. No harm in trying to reach success!!!

Be A Wise Investor

Business Rule # 1 Please never enter into any business you do not understand, no matter how profitable it may be. When you see a business opportunity and you feel this is an opportunity of a lifetime, WAIT. Take a quick step back, relax and think.

Business Rule # 2 Choose the BEST LEADER! and BEST MENTOR! and BEST TEAM because you will need help in building your group in this business, since you cannot do this on your own. It is just like choosing the best architects and engineers to build your DREAM HOUSE for the best result."So choose only the BEST & THE PROFESSIONALS"


1BRO Packges



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