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E-commerce or E-business What it represents and how benefit we learn about this?

Updated on May 20, 2016


Business online

The importance of the information age was determined when it began what is the use of the Internet, because in this way came a significant change in what is the way to do business and work nowadays, opening doors to those entrepreneurs, because it is less expensive and easier to set up your own business , since this enables communication on a large scale from various parts of the world in a matter of seconds.

The Internet has been the decisive tool for computers were successful in its final position in the minds of all consumers of the world. This new order has led to the creation of new labour and disciplinary approaches, especially when each day, there are new programs and information packages that enable a better development in the labor area.

The Internet, depending on the application, it can be seen in various ways: medium to market and disseminate products and services, global source of information with access to databases around the world, a quick means of communication and a means of expression of ideas. Whereas the first of those mentioned, as the most important: the trade via the Internet; Since that companies, public and private, from different countries, have seen the advantages and benefits that Internet is contributing to world trade.

E-commerce is growing rapidly, even in the country, where Mexico occupies the second place in growth of business operations for Internet in Latin America and Brazil is on the first position.

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