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E-mail marketing: Five ways to reach inboxes

Updated on June 10, 2012

As a marketing channel, e-mail has much going for it. It’s fast, cheap and trackable for measurement of success rates. E-mail works best when delivered to the right people, at the right time and with a relevant message.

One of the primary challenges an e-mail campaign must overcome to be a success is trust. Statistics suggest that spam (unwanted, unsolicited bulk e-mail messages) account for nearly 90 percent of all e-mails sent worldwide. Marketers face an uphill battle to not only reach the inboxes of their target audience, but to have those messages also viewed as coming from a trusted source.

Here are five ways you can help improve the success of your e-mail campaign and to reach your target audience.

Build a good list.

Permission-based e-mail lists take time to build but will comply with anti-spam laws. Add a “Join My Mailing List” link to your website, to your e-mail signature and on your social media sites, such as Facebook, Linked In and Twitter. The same message can be on printed ads, flyers, brochures, invoices, business cards, forms, PowerPoint presentations and other printed media. Be very wary of purchased lists that are culled from internet data without permission.

Get them to vouch for you.

Encourage recipients to out your “From Address” in their address book so that you become a Safe Sender.

Watch your language.

Be aware that red flags are raised when you use spam-like language in the subject line: free, guarantee, BUY!, limited time only, Amazing, Winner, Fantastic and, etc. Avoid quotation marks, dollar signs exclamation points, toll-free number or ALL CAPS, as well. These will all cause your e-mails to be filtered out by Spam filters and almost ensure delivery of your message to the Junk file. The message line should accurately reflect the message content

Stay transparent.

You or your company’s name is in the “From” line should be immediately recognizable.

Share you message.

Include “share” links to your social media pages on your e-mails, making it easier for recipients to share your message with their own connections.


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