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Updated on May 6, 2011

Employee Retention

Over the years in my Business career I have learned a thing or two about what works and what does not and mainly that in any Business, "ALL OF US ARE STRONGER THAN ANY ONE OF US" From that you will glean that I put a lot of emphasis on staff involved in the enterprise.

It is well known that in any business or even public enterprise that what is known as "the 3-way split" covers the work force. By that ,the simple situation is that 33% of any workforce do work above the expectation level, 33% put in work to reach the expectation level and 33% perform below the expectation level. I have tried all forms of sophisticated recruitment strategies but I cannot say that our efforts bucked the trend.

Now Recruitment is a key area for business success and it goes well beyond the "pay peanuts get monkeys" philosophy, for we have paid, in the past, super salaries, for poor return and I guess any Businessman would admit to much the same. Key there is to recognise the mistake as soon as possible and get out from under for the least damage. This is sometimes hard as we do not readily like to admit our mistakes publicly.

Churn, the usual term for the turnover of employees is an expensive area. The recruitment process harbours costs as does the training of the replacement. Thus in all walks of life people are putting more emphasis on Employee Retention than ever before. In Teaching, Authorities used to have RECRUITMENT DEPARTMENTS, they are now, RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION DEPARTMENTS and if it reached those public areas then you just know that the commercial sector knows it very well.


Too many think that pay alone is the factor that drives people to change jobs and employers. For sure it will always be a factor, but it is not the sole reason. My link here below will take you to information that will give you a fuller insight to the problems and how to solve some, if not all the problems and may assist in saving your business substantial sums in Recruitment and Training in the future.

A recent example in our company saw a falling off of performance by a previously good employee. All attempts to re-motivate him seemed doomed until he finally blurted out that whilst he loved the job his WIFE wanted him to move elsewhere. A meeting with the lady eventually revealed that though she did not understand the business and his function in it, she had decide unilaterally that he had no prospects for advancement. The M D took her on a works tour, showed the processes and how what her husband did, fitted in. She admitted  that it was all different to her thoughts and agreed there were real advancement prospects for him. Thus, the problem was identified as a marital communication problem. Things improved at work and subsequently the lady herself wrote in to thank us not only, for the work information, but for opening her eyes to the fact that she needed to listen more to her spouse. Jobs well done, husband back on song at work and the marriage stabilised! Cheaper than losing a good employee by far.


Our example above serves only to show that retaining good employees is worthwhile but that sometimes thinking outside the box is necessary. Check out the linked information below, it contains much that will be of value to anyone who employees other people. Humans are complex, individual beings and require individual attention and treatment at times. No where is that more true than if you wish to reduce your CHURN to sensible levels. Not all employees will be retained but by increasing the% in that 33% of those who are above expectation levels the you will be making big inroads to the problem.


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