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Excel tool as a scientific technical for business advantage

Updated on October 7, 2016

Is it possible to get results for management using Excel?

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Dear reader, this work was written based on real data from the company researched and aims organizational research through actions of Quality Management for strategic planning of organizations, where the tabulation of data with reference to the Sector was held quality, this sector workplace of the author, where its function in this article will discuss diagnose through the CAP (Customer Service Standard) report as well as a sample attached with respect to OR (Operational Research) discipline relative to said department. However, it can be said that what sustains a business today is the effectiveness in decision making, which show the author through computational formula used by "Excel" tool, assisting you in making the decision.
With SESI (Industry Social Service), is no different, a non-profit organization, composed of a total of 199 employees, with 137 troops, 29 trainees and 33 thirds. Its mission is to offer to young adolescents of high school articulated with SESI professional education SENAI (National Industrial Apprenticeship Service) aiming at a comprehensive and continuous training of students and their insertion in the labor market.
The unit houses the SESI Piata Djalma Pessoa School, opened in February 22, 2010, is located on Avenida Orlando Gomes, no. 1757 - Piata - Salvador / BA. The program is scheduled for annual attendance of 1,500 students, the school has modern structure with 25 classrooms, 14 laboratories (03 computer, 04 STI, 03 in physics, 02 in chemistry, 01 in biology and 01 robotic) , extensive library, gymnasium, auditorium among other spaces.

How to achieve results with Excel?

Introductorily is important to talk about the method used by the company studied here for their competitive advantage, SESI, it belongs to FIEB System (Federation of Industries of the State of Bahia).
One of its main characteristics is the fulfillment of all quality standards with regard to ABNT (Brazilian Association of Technical Standards) in relation to the NBR (Brazilian Standards). There is a management and operating standards for each specific business unit as the NRB standard ISO 9001: 2008, internal processes. Recently, it launched the SGI (Integrated Management System) that in addition to ISO 9001 include ISO 14001: 2004 environment; and ISO 18001: 2007 safety and health at work.
It is possible to get results for management using Excel? Well, a tool of lush ability as this can be, through it, creating solutions for the management of a company such as mathematical calculations; statistical calculations; financial; calculation logic; geometric calculations; and important information according to the needs of each organization, as it seeks the adequacy of the quantitative and qualitative approaches.
Amazingly in Piata SESI unit, there is not a suitable quality management software, so we used a statistical formula = CONT. SE (range, criteria) tool, which is calculated the number of nonblank cells in a range that matches a given condition. Thus, to measure the indicators: complaints and suggestions met met according to the Standard for Customer Service, often Excel is the solution for the measurement and monitoring of statistical results as an important tool to track and measure such indicators strategic.
According to John, the random variables have sometimes results are not quantitative. The outcome of the toss of a coin, for example, is heads or tails, and not a number. The sex of a newborn also is not a number. These quantitative results should not be represented by numbers, if used in Excel. (NEUFELD, 2003).
With this, we evaluated not only the qualitative data, but the quantitative regarding the formulation and interpretation of results to solve management problems Sector Quality, as the model system must be in accordance with the company's expectations. The formula allows to obtain numerical data, take the percentage in relation to the indicators, facilitating the insertion of specific graphs for analysis and monitoring of results, in this case, according to the report of diagnosis and intervention annexed below.
However, Operations Research in the area of ​​organizational management is "a scientific method for making business decisions, in this branch of science that provides administrative tools for decision analysis from quantitative and qualitative analysis" (Andrade, 2004).
The Operation Research is a set of methods used by multidisciplinary teams to determine the best use of limited resources and the optimized of a company's operations schedule, for this reason many companies, as well as the SESI stand out competitively for effectiveness in operations organizational therefore invest heavily in research and development for the improvement of the action plans of the same. Even when it comes to meeting customer expectations.
When it comes to decision, is a course of action chosen by one person as the most effective means at its disposal to achieve the desired objectives (ANDRADE, 2004). In other cases, it affects the entire organization, especially when it comes to customer satisfaction issue, which requires efficient methods for internal and external logistics in relation to transport important factor for organizations, which is not the case SESI by not working with marketing products, but with social service oriented industry. On the other hand, there is the queuing theory to measure and assess the time for customer service in case of queues, answering counters.
The company makes searched records of questions, compliments, complaints and suggestions from customers, where all the records are processed and analyzed by the head of the sector to which the demonstration was directed, taking responsibility to provide appropriate returns at the same contributing to their overall satisfaction.

What is Microsoft Office Excel and what is your function?

Microsoft Office Excel is a spreadsheet editor produced by Microsoft Corporation for computers using the Microsoft Windows operating system, and Apple Inc. Macintosh computers and mobile devices such as Windows Phone, Android or IOS.

What are the most used functions of the Excel tool?

• Transforming common formulas into powerful formulas;
• AVERAGE Function;
• MAXIMUM Function;
• MINIMUM Function;
• Conditional Formatting with functions;
• Highlighting the maximum values;
• Highlighting the minimum values;
• MAJOR Function;
• LOWER function;
• VLOOKUP Function;
• Solving problems with disordered information;
• Multiplication;
• SUMIF Function;
• CONT.SE Function;
• Division;
• Average with the AutoSum button;
• SE Function.


Throughout this work, one can observe a number of issues on the topic proposed here that are configured in special topics of PO, but are extremely current and relevant issues for those who intend to work in the field of scientific research and to aid the Enterprise Admins . Hence its inclusion in this work.
The role of the PO is the meaning of the rapid response to the decision making of each manager increasingly demanding for a mold for your world system, and the necessary tools for this imply flexibility of computer systems. That for companies that work with the sale of goods, provision of services effectively for perfect attendance consumer.
However, there is SESI, the company studied here, because it is a school does not use means applied to the management of scientific literature because it is a company providing social services facing the industry as a strategy for business development, use If the means Quality Management with formulas.
Through diagnosis and intervention report, which was diagnosed 59% of the complaints were met, 38% remain in treatment and 3% were not answered. Have suggestions, 39% were satisfied, 53% are still in treatment and 8% were not answered.
However, it can be concluded that it is possible to administer a company using Excel only, it is sufficient to have a knowledge of the tool and then apply it effectively.


ANDRADE, Eduardo Leopoldinum of. Introduction to Operations Research: Methods and models for decision analysis. 3 ed. Rio de Janeiro: LTC 2004.

NEUFELD, John L. Applied Statistics for Management using Excel. Translation: CELESTE, José Luiz; Technical Review: PATARRA, Cyro C. New York: Prentice Hall, 2003.


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