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Hubpages Tips and Tricks.

Updated on January 21, 2015


Succeeding at Hubapges can be daunting. For starters, building sufficient viewership from internet users can prove intimidating. It requires humility, persistence and willingness to learn overtime. However, basic information on how to start successfully at Hubpages can be heard to come by. In regard to this, I wrote this hub to guide hundreds of new Hubpage users who feel in their beginner stages at Hubpages.

A Brief Background to Hubpages.

Basically, Hubpages is an online content publishing platform where users post original, relevant content based on the topic of their interest. Articles posted on Hubpages are known as hubs and publishers are called Hubbers. Hubbers earn a percentage of incomes realized by hubpages based on the traffic generated by the hubs.

Starting on Hubpages

Well, search engines are receiving millions of visitors on hourly basis!. Perhaps, this is because internet has become the king of information. And with individuals and organizations are continuously seeking credible and reliable sources of information. What's more? Online sites that have featured quality content, and which is refreshed often, enjoy steady traffic in comparison to competing sites.

In reality, most of their traffic is redirected from organic searches from leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing to name a few. For any writer, having an article that features on first pages of any search engine is the ultimate aim for it is rewarding. To write a good hub that ranks highly on search engines comes at a cost. It involves providing answers to questions and forum discussions.

To write a good hub, then understanding the factors in play at hubpages is a necessity rather than a choice. Here is a peak at hubpages site

Writing Quality Hubs

Starting successfully on hubpages calls for benching on quality and length.
Starting successfully on hubpages calls for benching on quality and length. | Source

Effects of HubPages improvement

Since inception back in 2006, HubPages has grown phenomenally taking pride in more than 130,000 authors in portal and who have written in excess of one million hubs. With changing technology and need for quality content, HubPages has mainstreamed its operations with those of a modern day internet society. Visible improvements on HubPages user interface include;

× For hubs that have PowerPoint slide shares, HubPages have built a new support of enable slide shows in hub.

× It’s said that a picture talks more than a thousand words, and HubPages has enabled support of multiple pictures easing expressions of ideas.

× Through consultation and idea exchange with authored hubbers, a hub page has created forums session facilitating exchange of ideas amongst hub page users. This is in addition to the FAQ section on the site.

× To ease navigation on the site, HubPages incorporated grouping tools. This is to ease navigation on the site, thus attracting visitors to identify various sections of interest. HubPages platform

× The new developments has also yielded an advertising module known as “Behavioral Formatting yield Optimization” technology. It basically improves visibility of hubs leading to increased earnings.

Does Google updates influence success on hubpages.

Google is a technology firm that strives to collect together the worlds raw data and organize it to a resourceful center. As such, emphasis is placed on its data filtering algorithm to keep out spammers. This is evident in the fact that it has updated its algorithm up to 25 times since 2011. However, the updates have caused shift in traffic trends to sites. This has affected viewership online either positively or negatively. This precipitates the need to write original, unique and captivating hubs to succeed online. Erstwhile, Hubpages has been converting hubbers accounts to sub domains to keep traffic streaming to the site. The primary objective of the improvements is to maintain quality through writing good hubs.

So then, what is made of a good hub;

#1 Choosing an Appropriate Hub Layout for Capsules Use

The capsule layout on HubPages dictates the ease of reading through the contents of a hub. Capsule layout correlates to a sitemap which helps a visitor to through the features of a site. Since the primary purpose of a hub is keep a page visitor interested, alternating text with relevant and quality media is a winsome technique. All Its recommended the capsules layout provides an opportunity for reader engagement through making comments, queries or even answering questions.

#2 Choosing the Appropriate Summary Text, Title and Niche of Discussion for a Good Hub.

Google displays about the first fifty words in a hubs summary in organic searches. It thus vital to gain the sites’ visitors attention from organic such results. This will prompt a click on the heading to find out more detail information from the source. A good summary should capture the hubs keyword to increase the chances of it being displayed online.

Use text capsules wisely.

creating a winsome first hub
creating a winsome first hub | Source

#3 Keyword Optimization

To excel at hubpages, it pays to apply keywords evenly in the hub content to increase the odds of being featured online. A hub that has keywords used in moderation is likely to attract traffic from organic searches due to the fact that it can outmaneuver many more articles competing for space online. The best technique of key word use revolves around using a given easily searchable word in title, hub summary, the first paragraph and a few times in the body of the hub.

#5 Contests on HubPages

'Hubbers' have a chance of earning from writing great hubs during the Hubpages contests carried out every 2-3 months. The most recent contest was on 24th February to 2nd March 2014. the contest saw winners bag between 14 dollars and 123 dollars for a weeks worth of work. More winners were rewarded too as the contest progressed. the next contest should be around the corner, as you are welcome to be a participant in this great writing platform involving individuals world wide.

Promoting a hub through social media

Do you think promoting a hub on social media plays any significant role in boosting traffic flow to the hub?

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#8 Use social media marketing and back links in a hub.

Once a hub has successfully ,been published, its natural to promote it on social media sites such as interest, face book, twitter and other appropriate media. This ensures that the hub gets exposed attracting targeted traffic other than just relying on Google for organic searches. Back links refers to put links of a different site or content to a hub to attract a visitor’s attention. However, back links should be used moderation and only existent sites should be linked to.

You can write on any issue

Topic to write about

Finally, writing a charming and insightful hub is only a step in comparison to the compelling need of keeping an ear on the ground on ways to maximize coverage of a hub. This is through continuous writing, posing queries as well as providing helpful answers to queries posed previously. A hub with engaging mindset, keeps hubbing a lively idea. Do not shy away from dropping a comment to make hub pages a better resource center.

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    • Karanja Joseph profile image

      Josep 3 years ago from Kenya

      Its very true. On any field, the start is hard, however, the experiences makes the going so enjoyable

    • profile image

      mogire Jairus 3 years ago

      it all starts from scrub but the move on is enriching. positive attitude and enthusiastic desire is spearing gear towards this achievement