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Earn Cash Today!

Updated on July 23, 2011
Make it happen!
Make it happen! | Source

Jobs are Hard to Find.

Okay-it's true that your ideal job may be hard to find, but you can find a job to pay your bills--in fact, they're around just about every corner. No, it's not a salaried position with paid vacations and sick leave, and you will work pretty hard at some of these jobs, but even in this economy you can find work to pay the bills.

You may live in a larger town where there is a day labor location. Check it out! You can work for a single day and get paid at the end of it, or you can work for a week or longer, depending on employers and the amount of work needed to be performed. Don't forget to stop in at the local employment office as there also may be temporary jobs available. And of course, there are whole agencies who specialize in "temp" jobs--the great thing about these is they allow you to "try on" an employer or type of work so that you can determine if that is the kind of work you would even like to do full time. Temp jobs won't give you money in your pocket unless it's waitressing, bussing tables or bartending, which will give you tips (a LOT of tips if you smile, and are helpful and friendly!)

There is a huge demand for personal services even in this economy. People want their lawns mowed, their cars washed and waxed, their houses cleaned, and someone to do their errands. You can build a business around each of these services, or mix and match. You could be in demand as the next "John's Flea and Tick Removal and Walk-Your-Car Service"! Mom will be so proud.

There will always be people who don't want to do their own chores. You probably were friends with some of them in grade school. They went on to be workaholics who spend all day at the office and still need someone to clean their room--er, home and car. And that's where you can (literally!) cleanup. Use your contacts to find the work that's out there. Namedrop. Do you know a minister, store owner, or other business person? Tell them you're looking for work, and ask them who they would recommend for you to ask about work. Ask them if they need yardwork or other services performed. When they give you a name, talk to that person and say: "Jim said you might need some work done." Chat them up; be friendly! You're trying to feed your family and pay that water bill so be talkative and let them know you're willing to work hard at whatever chore they don't want to do themselves.

Also, when job hunting, remember to check online sources. Social media can connect you immediately with people needing small jobs done. If you don't have an account, go by your local library and let the librarian help you. A few clicks--remember to leave numbers for telephone calls--and you could be working this afternoon! Okay--it's time for me to go clean that office bathroom. Don't laugh-it's thirty bucks!


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    • jderb52 profile image

      jderb52 6 years ago from Oklahoma

      Thanks, Godwin, I was hoping people would get new ideas from my article. I hope you open your new business soon! Good luck and let me know how it goes!

    • profile image

      Godwin 6 years ago

      I could walk cars. Never thought of that...