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Earn Extra Cash With a Lawn Mowing business

Updated on August 18, 2016

Earn Extra Cash With a Home-based Lawn Business

If you've been looking for a way to earn some extra cash, you should really consider a lawn-mowing business. It's a venture that can be started very quickly, has low overhead, and can be operated from home.

Moreover, this type of business usually has very low start-up costs - mostly because the average person often already has everything they need to get started. But just in case you don't take a look at the basic equipment listed below.


Lawn Mowers

Naturally, to have a lawn-mowing business, you need a lawn mower. Needless to say, there are numerous brands on the market, as well as various types (e.g., gas-power, electric-powered, etc.).

In terms of features, you might want to consider a mulching mower so that you don't have to deal with grass clippings. Also, a self-propelled mower is beneficial if you think you may have to deal with large yards or those with some hilly terrain.


Lawn Trimmer/Edger

A trimmer/edger is another necessity for a lawn service business. Typically, a trimmer is used to reach areas where the blades on your mower can't - for instance, along the side of your house. An edger is used along those areas where the yard meets, driveways, walkways, etc.

You can buy separate trimming and edging devices, but these days it's simpler and easier to buy a two-in-one trimmer/edger (and get essentially the same results). Trimming and edging give a yard a neat, tapered appearance. Moverover, trimmer/edgers are usually lightweight, and tend to be either gas-, electric- or battery-powered.


Lawn/Leaf Blower

A good blower will also go a long way towards helping your lawn business keep customers happy. Clear grass, leaves and other debris quickly and easily from driveways, patios, sidewalks, etc.

Again, this will give the yard a much neater appearance, as well as brand you as a professional in terms of service.

Summary of Lawn Service Equipment

In short, there are several pieces of equipment that are paramount for having a good lawn service business. However, as previously mentioned, many people will already have some of these items (e.g., a lawn mower), so the out-of-pocket cost to start such a business is usually close to nil.

Also, there's the opportunity to make a very nice supplemental income operating this type of landscaping business. For instance, let's assume you cut an average of 5 yards per week and charge an average of $25 per yard. That's an additional $500 per month! Thus, depending on how many hours you choose to put into the effort, your lawn service business could possibly bring you an additional $500 or more per month. Not bad for just a few extra hours of work per week.

In short, while we have not touched on every possible piece of lawn equipment you could buy, I believe we've addressed the basics, as well as the potential for profit in this venture. If you're looking for other avenues for home-based businesses, you may want to visit the following:

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    • KevinTimothy profile image

      Kevin J Timothy 5 years ago from Tampa Bay, FL

      While these are all essential tools to get someone started with a lawn cutting business, I feel as if you forgot about a major one - the marketing plan.

      In a place like where I live (Florida) landscaping and yard cutting services are a dime a dozen. The competition pool is just too thick. A mistake that I notice a vast majority of them making is their lack of efficient marketing.

      Someone new in this industry will have a tough time launching their service if no one knew they existed; even if they had every yard tool imaginable.

      Gathering up the tools is only a fraction of this business venture. As long as someone without the clientele is willing to dedicate hard work into marketing, then it really CAN be profitable.