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Earn Free Amazon Voucher Codes Online

Updated on January 5, 2015

Money, Money, Money


Whether you use or one of the regional Amazon websites, the chances are there are always things you want to buy, it is just one of those stores with something (or a lot of things for everyone). Well the good news is that there are lots of websites online where you can earn or win free amazon vouchers. I prefer free Amazon voucher codes, so much more certain than entering prize draws for vouchers, but they can sometimes be worth it too.

Better than money?

I can imagine some people reading this saying, why do I want to earn Amazon vouchers, I'd much rather spend my time earning money. If you really need the money then this is probably true, but the great thing with earning vouchers is you get to treat yourself to something. In contrast, money just disappears into your bank account and gets used to pay the bills, the mortgage, buy food, and then it is gone.


Wherever you live, Swagbucks is a great way to earn free Amazon vouchers. There are many ways in which you can earn money from Swagbucks but the simplest is just by searching. That's right, it is that simple. Search for something on the web, just by using the search box on the site, and you can earn 'swagbucks' which when you've got enough of them you can trade in for Amazon vouchers (and a whole lot of other things besides). Other ways to earn swagbucks include watching short videos (often advertisements a couple of minutes or less), taking short polls, longer surveys, and even by playing games.

In case you think it is a scam, it is not. Swagbucks earns money from many companies who place advertising on the site, who get commission of you click on a link from swagbucks and go buy something, or who pay swagbucks to promote their products. What swagbucks does is share that income with you. The idea is the longer you are on the site, the more swagbucks gets from advertisers, and the more is passes on to you.

Swagbucks can be fun, and people that use the site a lot can earn $30-40 (or pounds, euros etc) a month, but even if you only use it for searching the web each day, you can earn around $10 a month.

Survey Sites

One of the best ways to make money is by completing online surveys. Typically, you sign up and fill in a profile about yourself, age, where you live, what your interests are etc. Then you will start to receive emails in your inbox inviting you to participate in a survey. These take a few minutes to complete and will earn $1-5 or local equivalent, though it can be a lot higher. Once you've reached a certain amount (in the region of $10-$50 usually), you will either be paid in money or can choose rewards, which almost always include Amazon vouchers.

Survey sites vary from country to country though there are a few international ones that pop in a lot of countries. There are a couple of good websites I've found that list the best survey sites in many different countries - a good one is If you are in the USA, seems like a good site, and if you live in the UK then visit either or

Get Paid to Review

There are various sites out there that pay you to write reviews of products or write reviews, and some of these offer payment via Amazon vouchers. Some of the best are:



Trade in your unwanted goods

Amazon offers its own trade in service, where you can sell your used stuff directly to Amazon in exchange for an Amazon gift certificate. In the UK, this is limited to computer games and books, but in the US you can also trade in Music, Movies and Electronics.

Amazon UK Trade In Store

Amazon US Trade In store

Note that if you are likely to be selling things regularly, you could get more for your money by registering to become an Amazon marketplace seller.

Any more ideas?

If you have any more ways to get free Amazon vouchers, do let us know by leaving a comment below. We will add any good ideas to the main article.


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    • blaiddgoch profile image

      blaiddgoch 5 years ago from Wales

      I like earning vouchers comparedto money because you save a lot by earning them, and they last longer than money... have you tried You can win up to 500 dollars on vouchers