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Earn Money Online - Amazon Mechanical Turk

Updated on April 16, 2011

Work From Home and Earn Money

If you are looking for another way to earn money online or work from home then you could look at Amazon Mechanical Turk. Making money on the internet is pretty hard unless you are completely dedicated and a great salesperson so don’t expect this to be a way of making quick money online as the rewards are not that high. However, if you do have some spare time on your hands and have access to the internet then you could add a few dollars to your Amazon account perhaps to buy some extra items that you want.

The way that Mechanical Turk works is that people (requesters) put up tasks(HITs) for users to complete for which they earn money for each one successfully completed. Payment ranges from 1 cent for each HIT to a couple of dollars for the more complex HITs.

HITs are Human Intelligence Tasks which are what they say – it is something that can’t be done by computer as it needs some form of human intelligence to undertake the task.

The users sort through the HITs and accept ones that they are qualified for and think they can complete in the time given. Qualifications include your successful HIT rate in the past (HITs can be accepted or rejected by the requester) , location, languages spoken etc.

I have found that there are plenty of HITs that you can choose from when you first join. Be careful to find ones that you know you can complete successfully so that you can keep your success rate as near as possible to 100%. When you submit a HIT is may take a few days for it to be accepted or rejected by the requester. Once it is accepted you will see the payment for it in your account.

You are not going to earn huge amounts but you could get some money to buy extra Amazon products.
You are not going to earn huge amounts but you could get some money to buy extra Amazon products.

Getting Paid for Working Online

Payment for your online earnings is made by way of a transfer to your account so that you can buy from them. However, if you are a US resident then you can have your payments sent to a US bank account.

In order to get the most out of Mechanical Turk and to earn money you need to find hits that you can complete quickly and efficiently. Even then you are unlikely to earn much more than $3 an hour for your work unless you can find a lucrative HIT that perhaps requires more skill (maybe a translation HIT). Once you find a good HIT, they often have hundreds of them so you can keep accepting that HIT until you are done. Some requesters have a few thousand options for each set of HITs.

So really in conclusion, you are not going to earn great money from this but if like me you are often sat somewhere (for me I am sometimes manning a gallery or exhibition with not too many visitors) or you are looking for a part time work at home option and you have access to the internet, then it can be a way of passing some time while earning money.

You can find Mechanical Turk here.


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