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Earn Money Online With Amazon

Updated on September 7, 2010

Earn Money Online with Amazon associates program, and promote hundreds of well branded and labeled products sold by thousands of registered sellers with all the major brands and products you could think of. You simply earn money selling and promoting Amazon products. A commission to be more precise. You will get daily stats on your earnings and how much commission each product pays. All you need to do is get the word out there!.

How to promote a article for your product

. OK,.. Create a topic on the product you have chosen, write some original content on your product. Sign up for a Ezine account and post your article. Ezine articles seem to get good rankings after a while which means more traffic. The more you know about your chosen product the more content you are able to write about concerning that product. Take time to do some research on the product your promoting, can this product solve a problem or fill a need and fill it well?. Will it be beneficial to the consumer's needs?, in terms of them wanting to solve something.

Informative Content

Give the reader quality information and a reason to keep reading your product-article. Amazon has a topic for products on just about everything under the sun, so you should find it relatively easy to find something that has a common theme to a product and be able to write an original 300-500 word article  about it.

For instance you maybe a animal lover therefore you can write about topics on animal welfare or training. Find related products at Amazon then simply market and promote your product. As a Amazon affiliate you will have a range of tools available to you for promoting your products, such as promotional banners, flash banners, product wheel which is cool! and many other promotional tools at your disposal.  

Amazon Associate Tools

When you sign up with amazon associates program you can take advantage of the many tools they offer to start a affiliate campaign. Take advantage of these tools and find original ways to promote your product. From a variety of banners and customized links, to a free online store. If you join amazons affiliates it is worth knowing that they are one of the most respected and legitimate online programs on the net, and trusted brand. Selling thousands of products on a daily basis.

Amazon Shopping Store

Amazon will also give you a online shopping store, that you can fill with as many products as you like, you can customize the color of the store create a unique URL for your store and get a commission on every sale you make. It really is something to consider if you want to start earning extra money online ,there are not to many sites out there that offer such tools to help you promote so many products and well known brands. Amazon also have a reputation for secure transactions for buyers and sell hundreds of products on a daily basis.  

Adding A Capsule

If your a affiliate then you can earn from Amazon right here on Hubpages. As you can see below Hub pages have placed for you products relating to your article you can edit this if you choose. I choose to use 10 capsules all up.. but that's my preference,. And you may have your own lay out and what capsules you'd like to use, it is advisable that you use at least 2 Amazon capsules within your layout with a good choice of products for the consumer is sufficient. The capsules are there for your convenience to give you options on your preferred lay out and how you want your Hub to look. Hubs are one way to promote products as well as Squidoo len's , Blogger Blog's, Wordpress blog's etc... Each one with online tools to assist you in creating a unique and informative site, and presence on the web.


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