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Earn Money Online with Writing

Updated on July 31, 2013

Online Writing for Extra Cash - Is it for Real?

The answer is simple - Yes, it works! To be completely honest, I was really skeptical when I first heard of this way of earning some extra cash. It was actually a good friend of mine who told me about this online thing, which gives you some extra dough, if you are smart and of course if you know how to write. When he first mentioned online writing of articles, I completely dismissed the idea all together.

But a couple of weeks later, I was sitting at home, and it was raining pretty hard outside, so I decided to sit my behind behind (nice word game, right?!) the computer and just started browsing and googling "online article writing". Immediately, I was flabbergasted by the number of results which popped up. After a couple of minutes, I realized that thousands, maybe even tens or hundreds of thousands people make some extra money by writing online articles. I've decide to give it a go and signed up for my first writing website. I submitted all the necessary information and was happy to hear that they pay you via Paypal. The first website I signed up for was IWriter, which has the mark set at $25, which means that they pay you only when you reach this milestone.

I soon discovered that I have to earn their trust, since I was making only $2.43 per 500-word article and only if the client was happy with the article I've written. So, simple math tells you that I had to write at least 11 "successful" articles to receive my first payment. I achieved that in six days. The rest is....history.


iWriter is a popular online writing website where people can write and earn some extra cash by writing articles for clients. Although at first it will probably seem to you that the website or the clients are taking advantage of you, be patient and write quality articles, since if you provide the clients with high quality articles you will be able to upgrade your status and come into a higher category of writers which would mean you will be making more money per article.

In the first category (ranked below 4 stars) you will earn $2.43 per 500-word article which has to be approved and bought by the client to earn you money. In the second category you could be earning as much as $7 or $8 per 500-word article, whereas in the highest ranked category you could be making $12 or more by writing a 700-word article. Be sure to check out iWriter and I promise you won't be sorry.

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Am I a good Article Writer?

I do not know, are you? You are certainly the best judge of that. If you are not sure, simply google online writing websites, sign up at one of them and simply submit an article. Upon its review you will get the first answer to this question. But, if you first review is bad, do not get discouraged, that will be an opinion of only one person. Try submitting a couple more articles to different people and you'll get a more realistic answer.

If you decide to take up this "career of an online article writer" you have to know that the majority of articles that you will have to write, will probably be reviews or recommendations for particular services and products, which the clients will want you to write in a way that will be inviting and interesting for potential customers. And in this manner, you will surely meet with the term SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization. This in short means, that you will have to do a proper keyword research before starting your writing journey, since you will have to implement the appropriate keywords or keyword phrases into your articles. This is the only way that the clients will approve your articles and be satisfied with your work. In some cases (which is also the cases with the iWriter website), the client will give you the appropriate keywords themselves and ask you to implement them into your texts.

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What Should I write about?

Well, the best advice I can give you is to write about what you like, what you know and especially what you are passionate about. Because if you are passionate about something, really extra passionate, this will most definitely be seen in your articles, in your writing.

If you are writing online articles with the purpose of promoting products or just writing about something you want to sell, be sure to implement proper and appropriate keywords, so that google can help your potential clients and readers to find you more easily.

How to Start Writing Online?

As I've learned from my experience, the best thing for every online writer is to write about things one is passionate about and about which one possess enough knowledge and facts. Because if you are passionate about your topic, this is clearly visible by your writing and highly appreciated by your readers.

First of, start thinking about the topic you are interested in and which is or should be interesting for your potential readers. Then scribble down some helpful notes which will help you later on when you start writing your articles. The last step before really starting to write is to find out if there are enough materials and known facts about the topic at hand.

Lastly, don't be afraid, just start writing!

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