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Earn Money Uploading Photos on Various Stock Photo Sites

Updated on January 28, 2013

Internet is indeed a great source for many home jobs to earn money for our life. Of which uploading photos to various stock photo sites is also very interesting and nice job to earn pretty good money. These days most of our people begin to use digital camera. If we have good collection of photos taken using our digital camera, we can monetize them uploading on various stock photo sites. This is totally a business as we can earn a commission whenever our uploaded images get approved by site owners and downloaded by other persons online. The commission for the downloaded pictures vary from site to site. For instance, if you have got 500 downloaded photos with the commission of $0.30 for each photo, then you will be able to make $150 a month from the site. Most of the stock photo sites are sending their payments via Paypal and Moneybookers. In addition there is a chance of earning more money for getting impressions for our uploaded photos. If 1000 number of people have seen our any one of the uploaded photo, we could earn $1 for it. You can also increase earning by uploading the same images on different sites that allow you to upload unlimited number of photos. Thus you can increase total number of views of your every image on different sites and also earnings.

The Digital Camera

Let us see different stock photo sites where we can upload our digital photos!

This is a popular stock photo site where you can make 25 cents for every time one of your photos downloaded. Buyers here subscribe on monthly basis and they are allowed to download 750 images per month. FTP, HTML and Active X are three uploaded systems used by the site which make the job easy for those who want to upload the photos. There is also a community forum to share our experience with other friends. Any one can easily make more than $1000 a month, if he gets more number of downloaded images.

With the millions of stock photos and thousands of photographers this is also a popular site online. You can upload images immediately after registration and you need to wait one or two days to get your images get approved. You can get royalty for your every download. Commissions for non-exclusive rights starting at 30 % and exclusive rights starting at 45 %. Payments are processed via Paypal and Money Bookers.

There are more than 4 millons of photos in the site. For the download of your every image you can get 15 to 50% commission. Referring friends you can also make 10% of what they made. Payment method is Paypal, Money Bokkers and Check. You can get your payments when you reach $100.

After the sign up you need to pass an online test. After you have passed the test you can start uploading images. When one of your images is downloaded, you will get a commission of 50 cents to $3. The payment is processed by paypal and checks. When you have reached earning of $30, you can get it via paypal. To get checks you need to earn minimum of $50. Here you can upload images of Business, marriage, sex, food and so on.

Here you will get 30% commission on your every photo get downloaded. The fast uploading system in the site helps you to work fast in the system. With the lacs of unique visitors every month this site provides a chance of earning uploading your photos every day. If you have good portfolio, you can easily make a good income of few hundred dollars each month and you can make even more if you show little bit effort to get more number of approved uploaded images.

The site admins accept only quality photos to add in their site. If your first set of uploading was approved, you would see them in your personal account. In case they did not select your photos for inclusion, you would receive an email from the site admins stating the reasons for the rejection of your images. When you get 5 successfully downloaded photos, your % of commission will gradually increase. For your every 20 successful downloads of images, your level increases up to fifth level. In this site you will be able to get good commission of $2 to $7 for every download of your image! If you are confident about your skills on photography, you will be rewarded with good sum of money!

You can upload unlimited number of photos here. You will be also provided with your own home page to sell images. If you have proven your skills on photography, you can earn good income in this site.

To start uploading images you need to register for free and send some samples for free. After the approval of the sample images, you can contribute as many images as you can. But, the site admins are strict about quality of the stuffs. So, it's better to check out all of your photos whether they are fit for submission.

You can send your photo via email and earn good money if they get downloaded. The site owners will give all information such as resolution and format about photos to upload. They need photographers from all over the world.

When you get downloaded photos you will get commission of 1 pound to 2 pounds for each photo. There are more than 5 million photos and 1 million registered photographers here.

This is also one of the popular stock photo sites in the internet. If your photos are approved by the site owners, you can make steady income throughout your life. Some photographers who have joined here are making more than $1000 a month. Prices of photos vary according to the sources in which they are going to be used. You can get 30 % commission for your every sale.

You can get here 35 % commission for every downloaded photo. In an average you can make $0.5 for every download and payment is made via Paypal.

Some Free Samples of Stock Photos

Five Important things to avoid your uploaded photos getting rejected

  • You should be serious about the quality of your photos. All of your photos should be in right contrast and resolution (at least 1000 x 1000 pixel). You also need to check out whether it is in correct format ( JPEG is recommended). Then you should wait until it uploads successfully.
  • Never get an idea of adding date and time of caption on your photos. Try to submit your photos clean.
  • It is always better to submit less number of good quality photos than sumitting ones in large number with poor quality.
  • Lighting and exposure are very important factors determining the quality of your photos.
  • Try to avoid pornograhy and nudity in all of your photos.


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  • georgescifo profile image

    georgescifo 4 years ago from India

    This is quite an amazing methods to earn money on the internet. Really grateful for making us aware about this amazing opportunity. Keep up the good work.

  • CraftytotheCore profile image

    CraftytotheCore 4 years ago

    This is very helpful! I had never heard of making money with photos. I take about 500 photos every time I leave the house. I'm always photographing nature especially.

  • Bijit99 profile image

    Bijit Sharma 5 years ago from Tinsukia, India

    hmm.we share the same passion I can read my hub abou stock photography here

  • ratnaveera profile image

    ratnaveera 6 years ago from Cumbum

    Dear beth811, Thanks for reading this article and adding your valuable comments. Happy to know that you are going to monetize your photos. Best of Luck!

  • beth811 profile image

    beth811 6 years ago from Pearl of the Orient Seas

    Now that I have bought the new release of DSLR from Canon, which is EOS 1100D, it is time to monetize my photos.

    Thank you so much for these Stock Photo Sites. Useful. Rated up. Bookmarked!

  • sandeep jasrotia profile image

    sandeep jasrotia 6 years ago

    Hi,I like Redgage.Its nice site where we can post pics bookmark the sites and earn as well.This is nice.....

  • kre8iv4u profile image

    kre8iv4u 7 years ago from Florida beaches

    nice hub, going to try it out. Living in Florida, I have so many beautiful sunset and sunrise pics over the ocean.

    thanks for sharing

  • GmaGoldie profile image

    Kelly Kline Burnett 7 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

    I have book marked this for future reference. I need a new camera. This would be a fun way to make money.

    Very well written and laid out. Thank you!

  • profile image

    isko 7 years ago

    nice article... i'll try this one...

  • profile image

    kayla1990 7 years ago from Strockbridge

    i want to do this i think it woul be cool?

  • lesterd2009 profile image

    lesterd2009 8 years ago from Beaches Of Florida

    Interesting I wish I had time to take some good photos lol

  • ratnaveera profile image

    ratnaveera 8 years ago from Cumbum

    Dear Kmadhav, Thank you for visiting my hub and your nice comments. If you have your nice digital camera and interest on photography, then you can make some money uploading photos on various sites. Best Wishes!

  • Kmadhav profile image

    Kmadhav 8 years ago from New delhi

    everytime you comeup with some new and intersting information..great sites you mention in your hub for photographers .. new ways to earn money by your smart photos...

  • ratnaveera profile image

    ratnaveera 8 years ago from Cumbum

    Dear Jen's Solitude, A lot of thanks for reading this hub and your nice comments.

  • Jen's Solitude profile image

    Jen's Solitude 8 years ago from Delaware

    Hi ratnaveera, This made for a very interesting read. I didn't know anything about this field until I read your hub. Good work!