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Writing for Toovia: A Review

Updated on May 13, 2015

What is Toovia?

Toovia is an online lifestyle magazine. It's also an online shop.

What do you do in Toovia exactly? Toovia is where you can buy the best brands of sneakers, jeans, or jackets. You can also book flights and accommodations! The best thing about Toovia, though, is that there are tons of sales for different kinds of things.

So, how do you make money on Toovia if it's about buying things like a shop?

Good question. The answer is Toovia is also home for "creatives".

Have you ever heard of Toovia's CJ Program?

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Toovia's Content Jockey

So, what's a Content Jockey?

Toovia has a CJ Program where "creatives" can publish articles (or listicles) about any lifestyle topic. Toovia is still a new online community that started out with fashion and trends, but has expanded its magazine to include other stuff like travel, health & wellness, and entertainment, among other things.

A "CJ Hangout" (the first one) was held in September 2014, where CJs got to ask questions about the program.

Upon registration, you get 1000 points, which you can use to buy things on Toovia. When you write an article, it's not just a snap of the fingers, though. There are editors who will help you make your article better.

I found this out when I had written one about traveling. I wasn't quite sure how to use the platform during my first time writing an article, so it was very helpful to have an editor/mentor to make suggestions on how I could make my article colorful and lively.

The Good

A Content Jockey gets paid per article, plus traffic bonus. Sounds sweet. The site also has a referral program.

The referral program also sounds great, as it was explained during the CJ Hangout that one CJ even made $40 on referrals alone. Well, it sure sounds like a good start.

I first learned about Toovia's CJ Program while looking up gigs in The site is very stylish and classy. Like any magazine, an article needs lots of media (photos, videos, etc.) and listicles are very popular right now.

One of the benefits of being a Toovia CJ is being able to shop at Toovia using the points you have. This is actually pretty good for people who like to shop for quality goods for their wardrobe. You can also use your points to avail tours and trips from Toovia.

The Bad

Minimum pay per article is really low, but pay at $50 per post can be great. At the start of Toovia, the minimum payment was $10 per article. After a few months, though, the company had changed its payment system.

The lowest payment is now $2 per article. And that is truly horrendous. Accordingly, the payment depends on the writer's country ($2 I last saw was for those living in India).

The writing platform is still new, which means clunky working from time to time. Payment schedule has also been changed, due to the influx of new writers and only a handful of editors (last I heard there was only one, but perhaps they've expanded now).

Should you sign up at Toovia?

For those looking to make a sustainable lifestyle and work doing online writing, I suggest looking somewhere else (unless if you want to start at around $10 and you live in a country whose mother tongue is English). Toovia has some perks, but the starting payment can be a turn-off, and basing payment on country is a topic still up for debate.


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