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Earn Money for Yourself at Last

Updated on February 20, 2016

If you wallet is empty and you don't even have a bank account, then that is a bad feeling. You go around from day to day with that sickening feeling in the pit of your stomach. It doesn't have to be that way. You can change your income level all at once by learning what it takes to earn money.

Be a Paid Blog Commenter.

Business owners know full well that blogs must be kept up with. In the sense that a blog is an online diary, it always must be kept current. The blog should also look "alive" as if a vibrant community is involved in it. Some blog owners pay blog commenters and this is one way that you could earn money if you need some. It is pretty easy, you just need to pass by the blog on a regular basis and read the posts. Then you make some relevant and helpful remarks.

Do Transcription.

Are you a very fast typist? Can you type at all? If you can, then you may be able to increase your speed enough to start doing transcription. People who do transcription usually work from home. Transcriptionists often specialize in one area or another such as legal or medical. At first it can be a bit hard to break into this field but once you do, you'll be fine. Some companies that hire transcriptionists include Verbal Ink and Bayscribe.

Do Citizen Journalism.

In these days of instant publishing, citizen journalism has become quite popular. Citizen journalism is when private citizens or members of the public broadcast through some means, news and information. Some people who do citizen journalism do so from their own websites. Others work for websites such as All Voices, News by Me and Newsflare. You could do this kind of reporting if you are into writing, publishing and current events.

Become a Life Coach.

Some people feel lost in their careers or personal lives. These people, who could become your clients, need a Life Coach or a Vocational Job Coach. Are you interested in helping people gain direction in their lives? If you like this idea and want to pursue this, then you must learn how to be a Life Coach.

These are some ways you can earn money for yourself at last. You could do transcription or become a Life Coach. On the writing side, you could do citizen journalism or become a paid blog commenter. Just stop being overwhelmed by your financial problems and take action to turn them around.


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