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Earn Writing with Online Fiction Mags

Updated on October 18, 2016

Online Fiction

The online writing world is a very big one, there are now many places one can get paid doing it. Blogs, websites and revenue sharing is very popular, as is writing ebooks but their is another way to earn from words online. Online fiction magazines have become over the last few years, steadily more popular. They are places on the net which offer fiction to readers usually short stories of different kinds and money to writers, who want to get paid and earn a name as a fiction writer. I have been asked before is their even a market for this kind of stuff, short stories? Or do people just buy books? The fact that there are now estimated to be over 4500 online fiction magazines suggests so, each site must have its own readers so that's a lot of online fiction fans.

Getting Started

So what do you need to get started? Just an internet connection and some creative ideas will be all. You could start with flash fiction that is stories under 1000 words, but in truth its not very high paying its much better to do short stories that is stories 1-7 thousand words long. Its more work but I found it hard anyway to complete a full and dynamic story under 1000 words. The many different online fiction magazines out their are different and unique and which one you should choose will come down to what kind of fiction you want to write. Some sites want horror, some fantasy and so on and some accept many genre's. Getting started with these websites these online magazines is so easy, you simply need your story at hand to send them, you don't even need to create an account. Some sites ask for your story to be sent to them in the form of an online document and some make it even easier providing a submission page. All that is needed to get going is you and your story.

More Info- Earnings and Benefits

As far as earning money is concerned with online fiction sites then it can be done, payments will range depending on which site you use. I have found that the sites giving you a fixed sum for your story usually around ten dollars, are the ones making the most off you. Sites giving a fair sum per word are splitting the earnings more fairly and are more worth your time I would say. Some people do really well for money writing for these types of sites but for most who use them they are a nice sideline to supplement other earning activities. If you can write daily and have loads of great creative fiction idea;s popping through your head all the time, then these fiction mags could be a place to unload them.

There is another benefit other than earning cash to online fiction mags, and that is self promotion. Maybe you have already wrote books, blogs and websites well most of these places will allow you to leave a link back to your other works. And as most of these sites especially the bigger more popular ones have good followings, you can gain yourself and your writing some extra views and readers. On top of this writing short stories on these sites is a way to build up your writing name and find people who are interested in the type of work you do.


For those who like the sound of writing for fiction mags, then I will tell you about my favorite one. Its named Clarksworld and as these type of sites go this one is brilliant. The site itself is modern looking and colourfully set, very pleasing to the eye on arrival. They don't do just fiction but also offer art, podcast's and nonfiction essays and articles. It has labelled itself as an award winning science fiction and fantasy magazine, it was first published in 2006 Clarksworld is one place which offers fiction writers a place to make a name, find an audience and earn some money in the process. They are after stories which are 1000 - 1700 words long and they state very plainly they want no more and no less. If your story is accepted by them they will pay ten cents a word for the first 5000 words, anything over this they pay eight cents a word. You don't have to pay money or even sign up for Clarkworld you simply go to their submissions page and send them your story. Average response time on them getting back to you is two days, but can often take longer. Another thing is they pay by Paypal so you will need a account. Clarksworld has a great reputation happy readers and energetic writers, I think its one online fiction mag really worth checking out so I'll leave the link below.

More Online Fiction Magazines

Clarksworld is just one fiction mag out their and one I like, but if you do a little research you will come across many more. Many pay much better than Clarksworld and some pay a lot worse, so its just about finding the right one for you. Another good easy one to use is Strange Horizons, this is another place which pay fairly for the stories they publish. They say they want stories no longer than 10,000 words long but they prefer them to be 5000. And at 8 cents per word, that's a minimum of 60 dollars a story, not bad really. If your someone who watches the world closely then this could be a great place for you to write, as they want speculative fiction with diverse perspective and stories which light up under represented groups. The sites go on and on Carve, Shimmer and Light speed are all places you can earn writing short fiction.

Most of the sites I have mentioned are monthly magazines and accept stories all the time, others will have certain dates they open for submissions. Any way you look at it, if you want to earn money, make a name and promote yourself as a fiction writer online then there are plenty of options open to you. In fact their is a whole world of fiction and writer communities out their on the net, its never been so easy to give it a try. Maybe you have already had success with a fiction book, promote it and yourself even more with online fiction mags. Or maybe your new to fiction and don't have the confidence for a book, then test the waters in the online world and learn what your skills are. Online fiction magazines can be used as a stepping stone, but many once building a reputation with these sites stick with it. And why not if you could pull of a few good publishable stories a week then the money would be good if you worked for the right sites and you would still have time to pursue other writing jobs on the internet.

I would give online fiction magazines a try, I would rather write a book.

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