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Earn a Passive Income Making Money Online from a Writing Career

Updated on April 7, 2014
HowCanIGetMoney profile image

With almost 20 years of Internet experience, I can help you find ligitimate ways to get money online and off.

Can You Really Earn a Passive Residual Income With a Writing Career?

So you want to know if the possibility of being able to make money online from the comforts of your home, earning a passive income from writing or blogging, and maybe even make money while you sleep is a real possibility. The simple answer is yes. You see, I make money writing articles and curating content for websites and blogs, so I know that the opportunity to make money writing is a very real opportunity, and yes it is true that you can even earn a passive residual income even while you sleep.

Want to learn how you can be making money online earning a passive income from writing?
Want to learn how you can be making money online earning a passive income from writing? | Source

I know, all this about a passive residual income sounds too good to be true, and there has got to be a catch somewhere right? That’s because there is a catch: You can't just start writing or blogging and expect cash to start flowing into your bank account. It’s important to ask yourself how much you enjoy writing, if you have the writing skills and writing style that will attract an audience and possibly go viral, and how serious you are about writing for a living, as there is much to learn about how to make money online with your writing, even more to learn about SEO (search engine optimization), and you're going to want that passion to write to keep your inspirations flowing to write search engine friendly content. Whether you are able to earn a residual income with a writing career really depends on you; if you are serious enough about making money online, and if writing is one of your passions, your way of expression, or your creative outlet, and you have a writing style that can attract an audience and go viral, then the possibility to make money online, writing for a living from the comforts of your home, earning a passive income so you can even make money while you sleep is a very real and legitimate opportunity. However, you must keep in mind what I said about making money from it, as one thing is for sure, writing to make money online is definitely not a get rich quick scheme. If you want to learn more about the best ways to write and make money online, earning a residual income so that you can even make money while you sleep, then read on.

The Affiliates and E-Marketers: Not Just Advertiser Talk

How to Start Writing for a Living to Earn a Passive Residual Income and Make Money While You Sleep?

To best answer the question of how to start writing for a living to earn a passive income, I think it would be best that you understand how exactly you make money writing online first, then I’ll give you a quick 6 steps to get started writing for a living so that you can earn a passive income and make money while you sleep.

Have you heard of the terms Internet marketing or affiliate marketing? I’m sure you have, but maybe you just ignored, them thinking that they are just terms that advertisers use that really don’t have any importance to you. They are terms that advertisers use; however, if you enjoy making money, or need cash than they are terms that you should not just ignore. In fact, many methods of making money online, rely on the revenue sharing from Internet marketing and affiliates. Internet marketing allows companies to place advertisements that relate to specific topics on internet pages relevant to those topics. Depending on the marketing company you can earn a few cents per click, view, or a percentage of the sale. Affiliate marketing pays with revenue sharing as well; however, with affiliate marketing you are the marketer placing the advertisement.

Wouldn't you like a cut of the money?
Wouldn't you like a cut of the money? | Source

Luckily you don’t have to take a class to learn what you need to know about Internet marketing or affiliate marketing in order get in on the revenue sharing to make money; really all you need to know is how to write search engine friendly content and how to copy a code to paste onto your web site, blog, article, or whatever (which will link your readers to products and companies), so that readers will find you in their searches, find the products or companies you’ve linked to, and maybe even click to buy something so that you will be able to make a percentage of the ad revenue generated. The code you copy and paste is either going to be a script in the case of marketing companies, which will generate advertisements on your page, or in the case of affiliate marketing, a URL (web site address) to the product or company along with some kind of ID to let the company know who referred the customer.

Which Affiliates & Advertisers are Revenue Sharing?

The best Internet marketing companies and affiliate programs to sign up with are well reputable companies such as; Google AdSense, Kontera, Chitika, Zazzle, Amazon Affiliates, Ebay Affiliates, Share A Sale, or Commission Junction (CJ). Of course, you can’t just go and sign up to some of these marketing companies and affiliate programs, as you may need to prove to them you have a worthy spot on a website for them to place advertisements.

Don't Have a Website & Want to Publish?

In the past this spot was usually your own web site, but now there are some companies, I like to call article based revenue sharing communities, like HubPages, Wizzley, and Squidoo that allow you to publish on their website for free and earn a percentage of the ad revenue generated from the Google Adsense, Amazon Affiliates, Kontera, Chitika, Zazzle, or some other Internet marketing company’s advertisements placed with your writing. Of course HubPages, Squidoo, and Wizzley all have their advantages and disadvantages, and I suggest that you always thoroughly read the TOS (Terms of Service) before you sign up with and publish for any company so that you know exactly what your rights are in regards to your intellectual property and your earnings.

Want to Create Your Own Web Site?

If you don’t have your own web site or the money to start one, writing for HubPages, Wizzley, and Squidoo are the best ways to publish and start making money writing. In addition, publishing on HubPages, Wizzley, and Squidoo can help you further expand your writing career by building upon your writing style, writing skills, your writer’s web site, writer’s portfolio resume, your SEO skills, your reader base, and will help in the approval of your application with some of the Internet marketing companies and affiliate programs that want you to prove your worth.

6 Easy Steps to Start Earning a Passive Residual Income

1. Sign up

Sign up to article based communities like HubPages, Wizzley, and Squidoo so that you have a spot on the Internet for the Internet marketers to place advertisements, or for you to place links to products and companies you are affiliated with.

2. Apply to E-Marketing Companies and Affiliate Programs

Sign up with all the reputable Internet marketing companies and affiliate programs, such as Google AdSense, Kontera, Amazon Affiliates, Ebay Affiliates, Chitika, Zazzle, Share A Sale, and Commission Junction. You may not get accepted to some right away, but it never hurts to try, and you can always re-apply (after you have promoted and established yourself as a writer on the Internet) to the affiliate programs and Internet marketing companies that deny your application.

3. Get Connected

Connect your accounts from Google AdSense, Kontera, Amazon Affiliates, Ebay Affiliates, Chitika, Zazzle,or whatever Internet marketing companies that the article based communities you signed up with allow for you to earn ad revenue from to your article based community accounts. If you need help connecting your accounts, each article based community will have a help section that can help you connect your Google AdSense, Kontera, Amazon Affiliates, Ebay Affiliates, etc., to your article based community account.

4. Learn Search Engine Optimization

Learn about search engine optimization (SEO) so that you can make your writing search engine friendly for readers to find easier. The search engines can be pretty unfriendly to someone who is just beginning an online writing career, working from home, so you will want to know exactly what search engines are looking for, so that you can optimize your writing to start with a good search results ranking. Be sure to check out my series of SEO Tips, where you will find just the information needed to help you write search engine friendly content.

5. Write!


The more you write the more of an opportunity you will have to earn more money with a passive income. You can't just write one story, article, blog post, etc., and expect to earn a residual income, as one page on the Internet alone will not start out with the best search engine ranking even if it has been optimized. In fact one web page alone can actually have a negative impact on your search engine ranking and will be lucky to bring in a few cents here and a few cents there. The more topics, stories, recipes, articles, curated content or whatever you write about the more advertising space you will have to offer and of course the more money you will make. If you have a writing style that will go viral you can use your writing skills to guest blog (write a blog post for someone else's blog) to expand your market reach. If you need help with the writing process because you are feeling a little writers’ block, check out my 4 Easy Tips to Writing, it may be just what you need to overcome that writers’ block.

6. Link Building

Add your affiliate links that have relevance to the topic you are writing about into your writing. This is generally pretty easy to do, and most of the article based communities have a tool where you can turn your words into a link. Just copy the referral code then highlight the word or words you want to make a link out of and select the link tool to paste your affiliate link into the address for the link. Just a little online money making tip: If you really want to make money, only promote the products and companies worth-while, your readers will be grateful to that you told them about that worth-while product or company, may come back to read more of your writing, and may even share it with their social media network friends.

What Kind Of Writer Do You Want To Be?

See results

Now you know what steps you need to take to publish online and how to get money earning a residual income from publishing online. So if you really enjoy writing, why not start making money online earning a passive residual income right now? Bookmark this page so you can sign up at HubPages, Wizzley, and Squidoo; then come back here to learn all you need to know about SEO and start making money!

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  • HowCanIGetMoney profile imageAUTHOR

    Tobe Enlightened 

    5 years ago

    Happy to help you with that, in fact my other writing account has an article on the very topic of creating backlinks just check it out here... Hope it helps

  • amimoaggrey profile image


    5 years ago

    How can i be able to create a back link, ill be glad if you share with me the steps

  • HowCanIGetMoney profile imageAUTHOR

    Tobe Enlightened 

    6 years ago

    Thanks dressup4charity for your great comment, I completely agree, and would like to add that it's also a great way to share knowledge and creativity. One of my favorite sayings and I believe it to be a great possibility is that if everyone in the world shared the world would be in abundance.

  • dressup4charity profile image

    John Davis 

    6 years ago from U.S.

    Earning money from blogging is a decent way of making money without stepping into anyone. You got ideas then share it to the world. I'm glad that site like hubpages let's you earn money while writing. Thanks hubpages.


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