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Earn commissions through Amazon, ebay and youtube.

Updated on August 13, 2016

Great Egret (Ardea alba) nest with three chicks

Great Egret (Ardea alba) nest with three chicks at the Morro Bay Heron Rookery at Fairbanks Point just north of Windy Cove and the Museum of Natural History, Morro Bay, CA, USA.
Great Egret (Ardea alba) nest with three chicks at the Morro Bay Heron Rookery at Fairbanks Point just north of Windy Cove and the Museum of Natural History, Morro Bay, CA, USA. | Source

Mischa Maisky plays Bach cello suite no.1 in g (full)


You can earn from the comfort of your home by way of selling products to willing buyers. Amazon, ebay and youtube are some sites which have such opportunities available. Import photos; of what you intend to sell, onto your written article pages. If you are lucky enough for people to buy the said product through your page, then you get to earn some sort of commission from the companies.

Earn loads of money through e-marketing.

Counting money is easier than earning it. If you don't have it, you will have nothing to count in the first place.
Counting money is easier than earning it. If you don't have it, you will have nothing to count in the first place. | Source

Reluctance in embracing e-business in some countries

In Europe, USA and some other developed countries people have migrated to e-business. Here they have embraced e-business. This is not so for the rest of the world. People here trust cash transactions more. They don’t actually believe that you can buy something from a website. Levels of education in these parts of the world have not advanced to trusting too much on technology. You will still find some people apprehensive about the use of automatic teller machines provided by banks insisting that they would prefer to be served at the teller. Banks are trying to encourage people to use e-banking and other modes of technology by making paper business unavailable or discouragingly expensive. E-business is only possible in a community that has welcomed technology into its fold. Payment is mostly through such modes as Pay Pal, credit cards, and electronic money transfer modes. Where people prefer to buy only an item that is physically visible, then e-business is not viable a mode of doing business. For the community to have full confidence in e-business computer science as a subject should be introduced in all spheres and levels of education in a country. This is one solid way of killing inferiority complex.

Red deer stag (Cervus elaphus)

Red deer stag (Cervus elaphus) with velvet antlers in Glen Torridon, Scotland
Red deer stag (Cervus elaphus) with velvet antlers in Glen Torridon, Scotland | Source

Ease of earning through e-marketing and its limits

Only thing you need are articles here you can superimpose ads from and of items you intend to sell. People buying via your article page earn you a commission from the sites. also runs ads just before start of the actual video. Carefully choosing what video to feature in your article is important. The more people viewing this video the more money you will earn from All these three modes of income earning require good internet connectivity. It also requires knowledge of navigating through the internet. Both these requirements have long been met in developed countries. In the rest of the world however there is much that needs to be done if citizens are to derive full benefits of e-business. The greatest worry of would be e-marketing personalities is internet security. Computer hackers and other computer based fraudsters are causing jitters in e-marketing. Use of spyware to steal identity is common. To protect yourself from these thieves you need to be conversant with the latest internet protection modes.

What products are in

You will be able to sell all sort of stuff through your written article. Import a photo of your favoured product onto your article. If someone buys the product through your article page, a sort of commission is extended to you. There is nearly everything under the planet. Toys and games, dog houses, watches both wrist and wall version, clothing, shoes and jewellery, blankets and greeting cards and of course books, are just some of the products available.

Pricing and other terms of online trading

You are able to choose from brand new or used version of nearly all of the stuff on offer. Prices are fair because it’s an open market. Sellers have to sell at a fair price for them to expect a sale. Prices don’t include shipping and clearing charges. These you have to consider while ordering an item through the website. Some countries also require you to pay for taxes on imported material. All these are extra costs you have to budget before the item land at your door steps. The speed of actually getting to benefit from what you order for depends on distance of the buyers’ country. It also depends on the efficiency of the clearing house in your country.

Real life application.

For the toy houses, one can actually get an idea of how to construct their real living house. They come in many designs to choose from. Your children while busy constructing these toy dwellings get interested in construction engineering as a career in future. It also keeps them busy and happy for a large chunk of their free time. In such ways they don’t end up engaging in unproductive behaviours like doing drugs and alcohol.

What you find in

This is wider an e-market than Some of the items on offer are electronics, sports ware, and jewellery. Beautiful watches wrist and wall version, fashion clothing, handbags and accessories. Shoes, beauty and health products are other items to be found. Also artwork, motor vehicle parts and accessories are in plenty. If you need a modern motor bike, then is the place to visits. The latest mobile phones are sold in this platform as well as latest version of play stations. Buy by use of your credit card, debit card or direct deposit from your bank account via a secure payment mode facilitated by the website.

Großhesselohe weir

Großhesselohe weir, Munich, Germany. Viewing direction: south
Großhesselohe weir, Munich, Germany. Viewing direction: south | Source

Doing business with

You will be able to sell products if you can import photos of the preferred items into articles in your website. A customer buying the said item through the page of your article earns you a sort of commission from Costs are quoted with no shipping and clearing meaning that the buyer has to take charge of these. Ensure to purchase items that are allowable into your country lawfully. Some countries do not allow civilians to import weapons and also some classified medical products. If you have to import such goods then ensure you secure the relevant permits form your country’s government. Order in good time as it might take some time before you have an opportunity to enjoy your purchased good due to distance and tax and clearing issues in your country.

An Australian Pelican (pelecanus conspicillatus)

An Australian Pelican (pelecanus conspicillatus) at Kioloa beach in New South Wales, Australia. This photograph was taken with a polarizing filter to screen out the reflections on the water and rocks.
An Australian Pelican (pelecanus conspicillatus) at Kioloa beach in New South Wales, Australia. This photograph was taken with a polarizing filter to screen out the reflections on the water and rocks. | Source

You can earn through

In the case of you have no choice as to what sort of adverts are run. This is pre-recorded in the video before real action starts. Someone viewing the video from your article page will be assumed to have also viewed those ads. This will make you some money, meaning that the more popular your featured video is the more chances of earning more money. The videos have to be in English, around 3 minutes long and relevant to your article theme. A maximum of three videos is the ideal number. It would be beneficial to view the statistics of the video before trusting it into your article. Those with a larger view population are best as long as they are not too old. If it is a music video, you would better choose those popular musicians and groups. Hill Song for instance do have an extra-large following, meaning that you have chances of earning clicks on their videos. Even in their case, go for one of their new songs otherwise an old song would have seen better listening days.

Sell and products through your social media.

If you accumulate a good number of friends in social media such as, or you can sell and products through them. You know exactly what your cyber friend would prefer. Search for these articles in and and recommend to that friend. To work online comfortably you will need reliable internet connectivity. A strong iPod or computer is advisable. It would be better to be the owner of the machine you are working with. This increases internet security and also is more satisfying to work in private rather than using borrowed or public machines. If you lack your own personal computer you can try out the computers in a cyber café. In most cases however these machines prove to be highly unreliable. They are slow and very expensive. There is lack of privacy in a public cyber café as well as the fact that you only access these machines when the cybercafé is operational, during normal working hours. Opening an account and advertising products of the e-marketing companies to your social media friends affords an opportunity to earn online. If any of your friend was to take the heed and buy your recommended product via your account then you earn some sales commission. Working in a public cybercafé is very tricky. The owners have of a policy of win win on their part and loss loss on the part of the clients. They fore- warn that they will not be held responsible for any property loss on the part of the clients. Their services are very expensive. In case you were to switch on the machine and it ends up not working you still have to pay for it. If you intend to work offline on their machines you will be surprised to realize that you will still be charged the same price as a person who was working online for the same duration of time. Printing and scanning documents in cybercafés is prohibitively expensive especially if they are colour documents.


In cases where conditions for e-business are conducive there is high possibility of making a decent living through it. In developed countries these conditions have long been in place and that is one of the reasons that levels of their development are seas apart from less developed countries. Every effort should put in those countries that still lack some essential requirements so as to make e-business a reality. The future of a country depends on how it advances technologically.

Can you really earn online?

Some say earning online is a myth. Do you agree with them?

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USA was the pioneer of e-business.

United States

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