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Earn money by forum post

Updated on February 1, 2015

Earn per post

Forum post is one of the best earning money system for Forex .it is offer us many broker with some forum post means post in an article about related Forex also that broker which broker introduce or offer us this forum post bonus.we can earn a lot of money by this forum post.we can earn per post 0.20$.and every day we can write unlimited post per day.

Example:means if we post 300 post per day we will get 300*0.20=60$ means every day we can earn 6$.in a week we can earn 420$ and in a month we can do earn 1800$ .that is more and more for a freelancer.after get this 180$ we need trade in that broker which broker offer this bonus and if i trade by this 1800$ then how amount you can earn from it ,you can do withdraw full profit which profit made from it.

i think it is very good job for a Forex trader also a freelancer.

how to open an account

how to open an account:

1 got to search option in google.

2.then search by "forex forum posting"

3.go to any link read fully tearm an account,and start post.

5.from some broker you can do withdraw full amount,from other some you might be trade then if you can earn profit you can withdraw all p[rofit.

thank you to all.and best of luck


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