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Earn money online doing small tasks for internationals

Updated on July 29, 2016

How to make money online doing small tasks

To start with, first maybe an explanation how in general you can make money online doing some small tasks. There are websites like mTurk and some others that offer payment from a few cents to a few dollars for people who preform certain tasks. For example clicking on an add in a website, searching on google or even watching a video. Most of the time the people who offer these little jobs are small business owners who want some more traffic to their website, or something like that.

The main problem for internationals is that mTurk, it is harder to get accepted in when not US based and almost all tasks require you to live in the US anyways. But luckily for us there are website that offer similair jobs. They are not as big as mTurk (which has the backing of amazon) but that doesn't matter that much since for this kind of work we do not really have another choice.

So, there are not that many tasks but there are some and it is possible for international people to make some easy money doing small tasks sitting behind your computer at home.

number of tasks
7 dollar minimum
5-10 dollar depending on method
a few
4 dollar


So, which of these three would be the best. All have their pro's and con's.

Microworkers: the highest paying jobs are on Microworkers, they also have a decent amount of different tasks available. The problem with Microworkers is that in order to request a payout you need to get a PIN first through mail. Meaning that it will take some time before you can make your first payout. Except from that, the time needed to complete the tasks is short, the payout is decent and the website looks good. the only problem is you have to wait a bit before you can get your first payout (no problem after that).

Rapidworkers: just as Microworkers this site has a lot of jobs available. The payout on most jobs is lower than on Microworkers but some are much higher aswell. The types of jobs here are a bit different though. I personally like Microworkers more on this area because on Rapidworkers the work is sometimes a bit weird or shady (don't do those jobs). The website is not as nice looking as the others. But the payout on some jobs is really good and there is a decent amount of jobs. Very important aswell is the payout, rapidworkers has a very low payout threshold.

Clickworker: This website is the most professional looking of the three. The payout is good and the layout is trustworthy. The main problem I have with this website it is not that internationally oriented which means that there are some jobs you can do but not many. I would recomment to make an account and just see how many jobs you get available and just do those.

So, it is possible for international people to make money online by doing small tasks. It is a bit harder than for US people, but that shouldn't stop you. My reccommendation is to register on all three websites. It is free, easy and fast, then you can see what and how many jobs they can offer you (more will be added over time ofcourse so don't worry).

Good luck!


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