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Earn money online now with Slice the Pie or use the site to get your music reviewed by real people

Updated on September 4, 2011
Help yourself to your slice of the music industry
Help yourself to your slice of the music industry

What is Slice the Pie and how to earn money online or how to get financed as a musician or band

Slice the Pie is quite a simple concept that I think music fans will love. It kind of takes away the Svengali aspect of 'making' or 'designing' a star, the kind of thing the likes of Simon Cowell is famous for now with shows like Xfactor and Pop Idol. Slice the Pie allows you to help unsigned artists by financing them and also pays you to review its unsigned artists.

If you yourself are a musician, solo or in a band, and you are unsigned, you can upload your music and get it reviewed by real people, like me. You may also get the opportunity to get your album financed by the reviewers.

As a scout you literally scout for new talent by reviewing each track given to you on the special player and rating it between 1 and 10, ten being the best. You get paid at least $0.02 each track reviewed but this payment can fluctuate higher the better you become at 'scouting' talent.

I found this to be a great way to earn extra cash at times when money was tight and the budget just would not stretch. The website pays its scouts via paypal and I can confirm that I have received many payment. You must reach the payment threshold of $10.00 before you are allowed to withdraw your earnings but of you use the site daily, the money soon builds up. I have withdrawn $300 to date, in the past two years.

Financing artists- This is the next great bit to this site. Artists that get scouted as talented get to go onto the financing stage where we can invest in them. You can invest your own money and your slice the pie earnings but you can also invest the vouchers that you earn for free by scouting. I love this as I feel I can give money to real music artists and help them get there music out there. Investors can receive many benefits from the artists if they are willing to finance them. Anything from having your name in the albums credits to invites to album launch nights or even a performance in your own home. These benefits depend on what the artist is willing to do to get financed and by the amount of financing you put forward.

The only down falls to this site is that the support staff, who are always friendly and helpful, do not work weekends to if there is a glitch with the site the problem will not get sorted until Monday. Next, some of the music is really very bad. Imagine the worst you have seen on X factor or American Idol and times it by ten and you may come close to how bad some of the music is. This can be amusing to begin with but if the artist has uploaded many songs this can be annoying.

Reviews need to be at least three lines long and you need to remember that the artists really want to record their album so try constructive criticism as well as just saying if you liked the track or not. The Slice the Pie forum is full of lots of tips for giving a good review. Pride yourself in your work and others will appreciate your input. A few of the very good scouts got together and created a site called 'Pie-watch' which tracks what the artists are up to and also gives tips for scouts.

The main downfall with Slice the Pie is the fluctuation in your scout star rating. The scouting forum on the site is full of threads about how scouts' stars are going up and down. Some scouts do very well and earn $0.20 a track with a 5 star rating, other scouts like myself earn between $0.02 and $0.15. I would love to be a five star scout but have never been able to achieve this goal, only the very best get there.

This site is great for genuine music fans who want to earn a bit of cash and want the opportunity to change how financing for albums is made. No more record company loans from money that has not been earned yet. The site also gives regular opportunity to make more money by reviewing anonymous tracks. These tracks are usually by famous artists and are secret.

I thought some of you might be interested in this site as a way of earning some extra money online. Some of you may be artists looking to get financed. Either way, check out the site

This is just my take on the site as an occasional user, about five hours a week. I would love to hear about any experiences of using the site you may have had and any tips for pushing up my scout rating.


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    • hotwebideas profile image

      Bruce Chamoff 5 years ago from New York

      Hey Violet, I produce several bands, so this should be cool. I do admit, the reviewing of music for 8 to 12 cents per track gets tiring and I feel like the money is not enough. What do you think of this measly amount that STP pays per review?

    • Violet profile image

      Violet 6 years ago from United Kingdom, I'm British

      Hi Hotweb, Yes it is fab and it also means that you will get a whole range of listeners who may never get to hear your music otherwise. Good luck with it, maybe one day soon I will be reviewing you tracks.

    • hotwebideas profile image

      Bruce Chamoff 6 years ago from New York

      Hey Violet, this is a great concept and being both a jazz and rock musician, I can upload my music for two different markets.

    • rockdresses profile image

      rockdresses 6 years ago from Turkey

      very useful information~